Dungeons game cheats

Use WordPad and other software to edit the Config.cfg file in the game installation directory

If the following code does not exist, add the following code

Development.Enabled = true

Then, please add the following statement to the init.py file in the Data folder under the game installation directory:

def CG(gold = 1000000):
Send(CheatMessage(“c_SetGold(“+str(gold)+”)”, Vector3.ZERO, 0))

def CSE(se = 1000000):
Send(CheatMessage(“c_SetSoulEnergy(“+str(se)+”)”, Vector3.ZERO, 0))

def CP(p = 1000000):
Send(CheatMessage(“c_SetPrestige(“+str(p)+”)”, Vector3.ZERO, 0))

def CSP(sp = 300):
Send(CheatMessage(“c_SetSkillPoints(“+str(sp)+”)”, Vector3.ZERO, 0))

def CAP(ap = 1000):
Send(CheatMessage(“c_SetAttributePoints(“+str(ap)+”)”, Vector3.ZERO, 0))

Then in the game, type con!, then press F1, after a short pause, the embedded development console based on Python language will open

Enter the following code to get the corresponding effect:

CG()-1000000 gold (gold coins)
CSE()-1000000 soul energy (soul energy)
CP()-1000000 prestige (Honor value, the value obtained by making dungeon decorations)
CSP()-300 skill points (skill value)
CAP()-1000 attribute points (attribute value)

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