Dungeon Siege Throne of Agony game bug cheats

Dungeon Siege Throne of Agony game bug cheats

Dungeon Siege Throne of Agony game BUG cheats:

Bug Cheat Code 1: This small BUG is common to all occupations that contain skills that increase ability or damage. Use the IMBUE WEAPON of the master to demonstrate. You need to prepare at least one piece of equipment that can increase the LV+1 of all skills of the class, wear it, and then use this skill. For example, after I use this equipment, I use the IMBUE WEAPON skill (LV26), and the weapon attribute attack power increases by 274 points. ; After sending it, unload the equipment and re-launch this skill, you will find that the character will get the effect of the IMBUE WEAPON skill of LV26+LV25, and the attack power will increase to 562! ! ! If you have multiple pieces of the same type of equipment, you can reuse them more times, and your attack power will keep rising!

Bug Cheat 2: Many “BOSS” bosses are assigned orange outfits, such as the three bosses MOURN, ELEGY, REGET, etc. in the last mission. As long as you keep killing them, you can get 3 orange outfits and use them to return to the city. Go back to SEA HEAVEN and buy the scrolls. The average piece is worth 100,000 to 200,000. You can also want money or keep equipment! Then, directly use the channel of the city return scroll to go back to the mission position, and kill 3 bosses again, how much money and equipment you need! !
PS: In fact, if you don’t have enough STRENGTH, you can also equip some armed defense. Just use armor or accessories that can improve STRENGTH. For example, I have a +40 STRENGTH shield and a +20 STRENGTH sword in my hand. You can get +60 when you install them. The effect is to equip those armors that require high strength under the circumstances, and then remove the sword and shield after the equipment, and then return to the magic wand!

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