Dungeon Siege game cheats

Dungeon Siege game cheats

Today, I will introduce the single-player game cheats of “Dungeon Siege”.

During the game, press [Enter] to open the dialog box and enter the following password. Changing the “+” of the password to “-” is to turn off the password effect.
+checksinthemail get 9,999,999 money (the upper limit of the amount of money in the game)
+potionaholic get three super blood bottles and three super magic bottles
+faertehbadgar get the following items, each item can add 12 points of health
(4x Ring of the Badger 1x Amulet of the Badger 1x Leather Gloves of the Badger 1x Leather Cap of the Badger 1x Leather Boots of the Badger 1x Tatters of the Badger 1x Dagger of the Badger 1x Bow of the Badger 1x Fraygered)
+chunky enemy blood clots flying around
+superchunky More enemy blood clots fly around
+version Display the game version number
+minjooky, the character becomes twice as small
+maxjooky, the character becomes twice as big
+shootall automatically fight the enemy
+mouse open the mouse cursor
+rings Turn on the ring mark of the character
+zool invincible
+drdeath All skills and attributes are increased to the maximum
+gui Open the user interface
+movie Capture 30 seconds (30 frames per second) continuous pictures. (Editor’s note: Using this trick will consume a lot of hard disk space, please use it carefully)
+loefervision eliminate the fog of war
+xrayvision remove image
+sniper bow has a range of 100 meters
+resizelabels Character name labels become larger
+sixdemonbag get six high-level summoning spells:
Summon Zombie (Combat)
Summon Black Drake (Combat)
Summon Fire Elemental (Combat)
Summon Furok (Nature)
Summon Larch (Nature)
Summon Rock Golem (Nature)

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