Dungeon Siege 2 game cheats

Enter after pressing enter:

+bushsux-oluaowr teleport (*)

+iraqsux-eszaryz silver ring

+luvtana-aeviyaa silver ring + weapon + g

+krisrox-lzjlcoj less chunky

+superchunky more chunky

+quwhba instant kill (*)

+drlife invincibility

-Drlife vulnerability

+movie record a movie

-Movie stop recording

+version display version

Re-enter with * to cancel the effect

Practical skills

1. Run the game in window mode:

Add fullscreen=false in the “Target” column

2. Skip the opening LOGO animation:

Add nointro=true in the “Target” column

3. Customize the resolution to execute the game:

The resolution option of the game can only be selected up to 1024×768. In fact, the game can be executed with a higher resolution. Add width=xxxxx height=xxxxx in the “Target” column, where xxxx can be any resolution supported by your monitor.

Note: The above command should be separated from the previous path with a space, and the same is true between two commands.

I also found a spoof command: +superchunky (+ and-have the same effect), I don’t know what it is for.
Method: Press [Enter] to open the dialog box during the stand-alone game (no conditions test LAN), and enter the above command. The funny thing is that you have entered this command more than 9 times in a row (I didn’t continue to try, I don’t know what the result will be).

There is another command to check the game version number: +version

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