Dungeon Keeper game cheats

Dungeon Keeper game cheats

Dungeon Keeper game cheats
Enter in the main interface of the game, please give all super cheats (get all things)
Other cheats
1. The saints in “Dungeon Keeper” not only appear in single player games, but also in multiplayer online mode. There is one in the cross-shaped gold mine in the ninth level: another after the northernmost gate in the fourteenth level; there is another in one of the three hidden levels; there is one in the mission version of “Deeper Dungeon” You can come across it at the first level. In “Dungeon Guardian”, just press the ENTER key on the small keyboard and an English chart will appear. After clicking the fourth item, move to the outside of the table and click the left button. Saints may appear randomly. It can also appear in even battles, but the saints that appear are enemies.
2. Put one of Bile Demon/Dark Mistress/Troll into the altar of the temple to get a Horned Reaper; if the current research work is to be completed immediately, please throw in 3 flies.
Change the system date to July 20, 1997, and then enter the game, a hidden level will appear.
In the game, attach to a monster and press Enter (small keyboard). You can open the monster’s spells and attacks, then press F12 to open the cheat menu, and then press F11 to use
Give all creatures spells: Give all creatures spells
Give controlled creature spells: Get controlled creature spells
Every thing is free: Everything is free
Explore everywhere: to reach anywhere
Research all magic: Research all magic
Research all rooms: Research all rooms
Single player multiplayer mode
Use “-1 player” as a parameter to start the game
Hidden Off First set the computer’s clock to August 18, and then enter the game, you can see the full moon flag, this is the full moon hidden off.
Dungeon Keeper game secret
1. Throw certain monsters into the pool of the temple (dedication) to get some rewards:
Give 1 fly and 1 spider to get 1 magic problem;
Contribute 2 flies to complete the current magic research;
Contribute 2 insects to complete the current build plan;
Give 1 beetle and 1 spider to exchange for 1 “Dark Mistress”;
Offering 3 spiders can exchange for a “Bile Demon”;
Give 1 Bile Demon, Dark Mistress and Troll to get a Horned Reaper.
2. There is a DATA subdirectory under the installation directory of Dungeon Keeper, in which there is a file called Creature.txt, which defines various attribute settings in the game, please modify it at will! But do not be too greedy when making changes, such as you Modify the monster’s attack too much, then its attack on the enemy will become the blood to the enemy!

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