Dungeon Keeper 2 game cheats

Dungeon Keeper 2 game cheats

Dungeon Keeper 2 game cheats:
Press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + C in the game (you will hear a sound), and then enter the following string to get the corresponding cheat effect:
Cheats Function
Feel the power = All subordinates are upgraded to level 10
do not fear the reaper = win this level
This is my church = get all the rooms
Fit the Best = Get all doors and traps
I believe its magic = get all the magic
Show me the money=add money cheats
Now the rain has gone=Show map
Now the rain has gone=Show map
Booklock10 = won’t die
Money $99999999999999
Girl = everything is naked
Dungeonkeeper = The girl who turned pink
Instantwin = Instant win
Some cheats only apply to version 1.51

game bug
First, there must be an imp of level 8 or above. When he uses the instant transfer, grab all the imps from the monster bar. If the time is right, he is disappearing from somewhere and has not appeared elsewhere. At this time, your You have all the little ghosts in your hand, but your floor can be spread anywhere on the enemy, the enemy can’t see him, and he can destroy any mechanism.

Where to get rewards
There are several places in “Dungeon Keeper 2” where you can pick up good things, but there is only one place that can be found without doing anything. To find it, just set your computer date to any day of the full moon and start the game, and that place will appear.

point the way
Press CTRL+ALT+C, then type “what are you looking at”, the map will disappear, press CTRL+ALT+C again, and type “now the rain has gone”, the map will appear again, and it is The entire map will be visible (you can’t see it when there is a map in front, you can see it now), and more than that, there will be a small arrow pointing you to the hero’s gate.

jump off
Use the “dk2.exe -level [level name]” command line to start the game, you can choose to close it (for example: dk2.exe -level level10), the following is the level name:
level1 level2 level3 level4
level5 level6a level6b level7
level8 level9 level10 level11a
level11b level11c level12 level13
level14 level15a level15b level16
level17 level18 level19 level20
Secret1 secret2 secret3 secret4
Hidden levels
If you set the date of your computer to the day of the full moon, and then start the game, you can see a flag drawn in a circle in the game, and after you click it in, it will be the hidden level of the legend of the hidden moon.

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