Dungeon Fighter game cheats and guides

Dungeon Fighter game cheats and guides

As a 2D scroll-style horizontal combat, the stand-alone version of Dungeons and Warriors is recognized by players as the best and highest imitation among many DNF imitation versions. It is also one of the most popular DNF and Warrior stand-alone games. Introduce some tips for the stand-alone version of Dungeons and Warriors, so that everyone can play this game better:
1. Game cheats When creating a character, enter the following cheats and press Enter to confirm to get the corresponding effect:
I love infighter! = blue fist
I have more map! = Increase access
I have friends! = compressed capsule
I have more money! = money
I have more FHB! = Resurrection Coin
&&=602010219 = strongman
I love exorcist! = Exorcist
Two, Dungeon and Warriors stand-alone version of the game strategy:
How to obtain each companion:
*Ammunition expert*gunner*machine god of war*roaming gunner*ghost swordsman:
Open the menu-items-others, select the duel ticket, after entering the duel, 2PK with the supreme, the first time will be defeated, PK the second time, the companion will automatically join.
After defeating Supreme 2, PK with every gunner, one of whom is a mechanic, who can join after victory.
main mission:
*Warrior Training Series·
First of all, first go to Linus [Alvin Line of Defense], then follow his instructions to clear Lorrain, and then go to him, you can pick up the task with Kaili [Hudunmar City], go to Gran Once all the dungeons of the Forest are opened, you will be a true warrior. Go to Shalan [Magic Guild] and give her 10 fluorite zircon spinels each [Available from Sky City/Sherlock (Hettonmar Backstreet)]. Go to Norton again Church] Let’s talk, help him collect the hearts of 3 bronze stone giants [obtained by hitting the stone giant tower BOSS], and then clear the stone giant tower/dark corridor and the palace of the lord’s palace and the hanging city once, and then you can face the giant The beast marched. First go to the little sister [Ophelia] who is standing in the port, and go through the periphery of the temple/tree jungle/purgatory/polar day/first spine in turn, and the door to the boss battle here is opened.
Go to the second spine [be mentally prepared first, BOSS is very BT], after clearing the mobs, the door lock is opened, after entering, go straight to the right and see a long/wide thing, that is BOSS-Long-footed Rotes, after a hard fight, you finally won. Tell Ophelia the good news, then open the menu-items-others, select the sports ticket, after entering the arena, see a gunner wearing a fashion, PK with him, and then go to Ophelia after victory, this The task is over.
*In-depth training series
First of all, first complete the *Warrior Cultivation series, and then go to Celia. I learned that I’m going to find someone who knows the whereabouts of the child [Balrena of the Snowy Ston], clear the level of Bingxin Boy, and then go to Orca and call you Go to clear the ridge, and then talk to Linus, clear Bill Mark, you can find Boken [Hudunmar Church] to lead the mission.
*Warrior Conquer Series
First complete the *In-depth training series, go to Boken, pass the Screaming Cave/Shallow Habitat in turn, then defeat the Light Wardros [King’s Ruins], and then pass the King’s Ruins/Dark Elf Graveyard in turn, you can Investigate the plague situation. Go through the thieves and Hamulin in Nosmar in turn, and finally the door to the BOSS battle opens. Ask Golantis how to seal the devil, and then go to the Sky City. There is a round thing. A round thing, touch it, it will trigger a battle. After victory, according to the task prompt, go to the sky shroud to fight, then go to the dark fight, and finally go to North to fight, the task of this game will be over.
*Stealing skills series (can be done after transfer)
First of all, go to G.S.D [Hutton Marr Street] to transfer, whatever you want. Then go find the most powerful person-Albert [Hudunmar Church], and you can win the king’s cultivation, and find Albert again, it’s that simple.

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