Dune 2 game cheats

Dune 2 game cheats

Dune 2 game cheats

Modify money:

Open “scenario.pak” in the game directory with Notepad, and modify the money number after “Money=”.
Be careful not to change too much

No reduction in deposits:

Modify DUNE2? EXE, look for 1E E2 34 26 29 77 12, change 26 29 77 12 to 90 90 90 90, search and modify 3 times. Look for 8E C2 93 26 29 47 12 and change 26 29 47 12 to 90 90 90 90.

Spice modification:

Modify the archive file SAVE00?? DAT (here? is the progress of the save), the address is DISP 398-399 of SECT 0000. Before the modification, it is best to manufacture a large number of spice refineries or spice storage warehouses, because the amount of spice after the modification is related to the size of the storage volume.

99 units can be built at a time:

Edit the “scenario.pak” file with Notepad. Change “MAXUNIT=25” to “MAXUNIT=99”.

Some skills in the game:

(1) Don’t step on landmines, shoot them to release spices.

(2) It is very important to improve the manufacturing technology of the factory, and it is very cost-effective to spend some money to update the technology.

(3) Close combat is required to deal with rocket tanks. As long as they are close, even a single soldier can destroy the rocket tank.

(4) Do not use rocket tanks for defense. Rocket tanks must be dispatched with heavy tanks.

(5) If various tanks are parked in the sand, they are likely to be swallowed by sandworms.

(6) If your position is adjacent to the enemy’s position, you can use a large amount of land to slowly connect with the enemy’s position, and then set up automatic control turrets on the land of the enemy’s position, and then send tanks to attack. The effect is very good.

(7) When some protruding objects with the same color as sand are seen on the screen, they are dark red on the radar, and any vehicle or person can be sent to attack or walk over the land, although the vehicle or person will be lost. , But you can get a lot of money.


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