Duke Nukem Forever game cheats

Download user.ini
According to the game version, put user.ini in the following location, overwriting the original file with the same name:
Razor1911 version: Game installation directory Duke Nukem Forever\System
Steam version: %ProgramFiles%\Steam\Userdata\randomnumber\57900\Remote
Skidrow version (Vista/Win7): %UserProfile%\AppData\Local\SKIDROW\57900\Storage
Skidrow version (XP): %UserProfile%\Local Settings\Application Data\SKIDROW\57900\Storage
*Razor1911 uses the external user.ini, while the Steam version and Skidrow version use the user.ini in the Steam folder. They are different.
*Remember to back up the original user.ini first!
*If you have changed the game options and key positions, you need to reset them when you enter the game after putting them.

After putting it in place, press the following shortcut keys in the game to turn on the corresponding effect
F2: On/off invincible mode (at the same time also lock the oxygen and temperature bars)
F3: Ego limit is full
F4: Obtain all weapons and ammunition (full ammunition, one special item each, only 2 weapons can be obtained, and the others will be thrown on the ground, you can choose by yourself)
F5: On/off unlimited ammo (bullet and bomb are not reduced)
F6: Turn on/off through wall mode
F7: Turn on/off flight mode
F8: On/off time stop (only oneself can move, all enemies and other objects are still, even the bullets and rockets fired by oneself will fly to the enemy only after the stop is lifted)
F9: Turn on/off invisible mode
F10: Screenshot (this is an inherent function of the game, not a secret technique)
F11: On/off reduction mode (direct reduction and restore yourself)
F12: Turn on/off the third-person perspective

*Invincible and other on/off secrets must be re-opened every time you pass a level.

*Razor1911 version and Skidrow version have been tried and available. There will be a prompt message in the upper left corner of the screen when the secret is effective.

The basic principle of this trick seems to be to bind the corresponding function to the F2-F12 key in the key setting.
The secret skill function comes with the game, but there is no key set by default. In theory, you should be able to use it as long as you bind the key.
The command names of each secret technique are as follows
On/off invincible mode: God
Full Ego limit: dnEgo 100
Get all weapons and ammunition: AllAmmo
On/off unlimited ammo: dnAmmo
On/off wall penetration mode: dnClip
On/off flight mode: Fly
On/off time stop: PlayersOnly
Turn on/off invisible mode: dnMonsters
On/off shrink mode: dnShrink
Turn on/off the third-person view: BehindView

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