Duke Nukem 3D-High Resolution game cheats

Duke Nukem 3D High Resolution game cheats

Duke Nukem 3D-High Resolution game cheats

Type the following characters directly in the game to get the corresponding effect:
dncashman⇒Press [Space] key to “money rain”, available when there is no money
dnclip⇒Through the wall (You will die if you wear a wall that cannot be penetrated)
dncoords⇒Display current coordinates
dncornholio⇒Open (or close) invincible mode
dndebug⇒Display debugging information
dnhyper⇒Get steroids, night vision goggles
dninnventory⇒Get the item
dnitems⇒Get key cards and items
dnkeys⇒Get a key card
dnkroz⇒Undead and Unlimited Flying Backpack
dnmaior⇒Unlimited use of jet packs.
dnmonsters ⇒ Make visible enemies disappear
dnrate⇒frame number check
DNscotty#@⇒跳关, # is the number of major passes (1-3), @ is the number of small passes
If the number is less than 10, add 0
Such as: the second major level and the fourth minor level, you should type dnscotty204
dnshowmap⇒Open the map
dnskill? ⇒ change the difficulty level (? is the number of levels)
dnstuff⇒Get all items (weapons, ammunition, key cards, equipment)
dnallen⇒Display information: Buy Major Strykey
dnbeta⇒Display information: Pirates Suck!
dntodd⇒Display information: Register Cosmo Today
dnweapons⇒All weapons and armor
dnunlock⇒All doors open
dnview⇒Switch to trailing view.

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