Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition game cheats

Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition game cheats

Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition game cheats

Enter the following cheats in the game (non-pause)
DNKROZ or DNCORNHOLIO⇒Invincible mode
DNMONEY⇒Throw money (press the space), available when there is no money;
dnweapons⇒Get all weapons
dnammo ⇒ full ammunition
dnunlock⇒Open the door
dnitems⇒All items and keys
dnstuff⇒Get all items (weapons, ammunition, key cards, equipment);
DNMONSTERS⇒Remove all enemies in the current level
dninventory⇒All items
dnkeys⇒Get the key card;
dnview⇒change perspective
dncoords⇒Display current coordinates
dndebug⇒Display debugging information
dnalled⇒ “Buy Major Stryker” is displayed
dnbeta⇒Display “Pirates Suck”
dntodd⇒Display “Register Cosmo Today”
dnshowmap⇒Show all maps
dnclip⇒through wall mode
dnhyper⇒Accelerated mode
DNCASHMAN⇒The fired weapon becomes money
DNSCOTTY#@⇒跳关(#@ is the number of the pass, for example, dnscotty12 is the second pass of the first pass)
DNSKILL#⇒Adjustment level (# table level) (1-4)

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