Driver Parallel Lines game cheats

Driver Parallel Lines game cheats

Driver Parallel Lines game cheats

First of all, pause the game in the game. This is to select the Settings option. The bottom option is Cheats. This is the place to enter the cheats.
(Options => cheats =>enter cheats code)
IRONMAN⇒Invincible mode
ROLLBAR⇒Vehicle invincible mode
CARSHOW⇒All cars
TOOLEDUP⇒Free parking lot
ZOOMZOOM⇒Unlimited acceleration
GUNRANGE⇒All weapons
GUNBELT⇒Unlimited ammo
KEYSTONE⇒Weakened police car
Rewarded content
There are many gold stars on the map, and there will be rewards after collecting them. Below is the reward content. (Either in 1978 or 2006)
Collect 10 gold stars ⇒ maximum HP of the protagonist +50
Collect 20 gold stars ⇒ double the nitrogen acceleration
Collect 30 gold stars ⇒ double the ammo capacity
Collect 40 gold stars ⇒ double the durability of the modified car
Collect 50 gold stars ⇒ upgrade and modify the vehicle for free

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