Driver cheats

Driver cheats

Driver cheats

Play driving games and enter NJW280172 and the cars will go faster than you could believe!


Get Invincible!!!
Get a high score and type in RUS3L. Next thing ya know you can hit anything you want to and no one gives a crap.

Fast Way To Skip The Interviews
Get a high score in one of the driving games and enter your name as: “P7ttyRz”. Note: Pay attention to the caps!

Start Off Wanted
Go to driving games and get a high score and enter your name as ANJW16696.

No Police
Go to driving games and get a high score and enter your name as WAC271074.
The Real Way For Jumping People
Okay first, the other guy is right, but it also works with only the RAILROAD COPS cheat.

Fast Cars
To reach insanely high speeds, enter a your name in the high score in one of the driving games as: NJW280172 Pay attention to the caps! Warning: This WILL make the car more difficult to handle!

Jumping People
When you beat driver, turn on all the cheat codes, now take a ride anywhere and the people will jump.

Turbo Exhaust Car
When you beat driver it will let you choose any car for any level. There is a car that is red and it is at the end of the display choose that car and then drive. Before you hit 100 mph its front end will come off the ground.

Unlock All Cheats
To get all cheats edit the file driver\data\mladder.dml(warning back up this file 1st) delete everything above #president render 70 except the header save the file then start the game as normal choose new game and credits will come up along with a video to the left. press ESC and go to cheats and they should be there (NOTE IF YOUR GAME DOESN’T WORK AND IT KEEPS SHOWING CREDITS WHEN YOU TRY TO PLAY A NEW GAME JUST RE-INSTALL THAT WILL FIX IT.)

Ghost Cops
After deafeating the game, go to cheats. Turn on railroad cops, frieght train, no damage and superfast cars. Then select the police car and take a ride anywhere. If you entered the code correctly the cops should pass right through you.

Skip Training Mission
1st copy the file driver\data\mladder.dml (make a backup of this file} then edit the driver\data\mladder in a text editor such as notepad then remove the two lines interview and quitonfail save the file when you start a new game you will skip the training mission and go right into the game,

Bypass Training Mode
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the “mladder.dml” file in the game’s data directory. Remove the following two lines in the file: INTERVIEW & QUITONFAIL.





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