Dragon’s Lair game cheats

Dragons Lair game cheats

Dragon’s Lair game cheats

Enjoy the explosion screen
Read the progress, type GAME. When a monster appears (the first screen), press the Esc key, and you can see the explosion screen.
Other cheats
When the snake appears in the first level, press the Esc key to jump to the last level, and if you press the Esc + R + / + L + N + 7 keys at the same time, then press the Fire key, you can also see the explosion screen .
Pass Cheats
How to pass the pass Press the following keys to pass:

Level 1⇒→
Level 2 ⇒↓, ↑, ↑, ←
Level 3⇒→、←
Level 4 ⇒↑, ↑
Level 5⇒Fire, Fire
Level 6⇒←
Level 7 ⇒→, →, →, →
Level 8⇒←、←
Level 8A ⇒→
Level 8B ⇒←、→、↓、Fire
Level 9 ⇒→, ↓, Fire
Level 10⇒Fire、→
Level 10A⇒↑
Level 10B⇒←
Level 11⇒↓
Level 12⇒→
Level 13⇒→
Level 14⇒↑、←
Level 15⇒→
Level 16⇒Fire
Level 17 ⇒→, ↑, ←, →
Level 18⇒↑
Level 19⇒→、←
Level 19A⇒↑
Level 19B⇒→
Level 20⇒↑
Level 21⇒↑、Fire

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