Dragon Age 3 Inquisition game cheats

Dragon Age 3 Inquisition game cheats

Dragon Age 3 Inquisition game cheats:

Cheatengine modifier
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  1. Modify the game material resources

DAI resource modification needs to be modified in the merchant transaction

First have about 10 arbitrary resources, the easiest is to dig some iron ore, and then sell them to vendors.


Search for the number of iron ore that you sell to the vendor, (PS: Don’t search for the number left in your bag, it is often not found in the actual measurement, especially when there are more items)


Then redeem a few and search for the number of iron ore left by the vendors.


The unique address can be searched for 2 times.


Repurchase can be bigger. (Although it takes a little money to redeem, but the keel is only 80 yuan each, which is cheaper than cabbage.)


The address searched at this time can be used for the next item quantity (the last item needs to be redeemed)


So after searching for an address, sell one and change more, then redeem it.


The best advantage of this method is that whether you are in the early or late stage, level 3 materials can be easily obtained, and the keel dragon scales can be easily modified in the late stage.

  1. Modify the capacity of the game character backpack:

After looking up the address in Cheat Engine: 07AE245C, you can modify it as you like.

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