Dragon Age 2 game cheats

Right-click to send to the desktop to create a shortcut method, right-click the shortcut column, and enter a space and -enabledeveloperconsole at the end of the target column.

Click on the desktop shortcut to enter the game, and press ~ in the game to open the cheating console.
Then enter the following command. (The command is not visible, you can press ENTER if you make a mistake, and then try again.)

runscript healplayer
Healing teammates

runscript addmoney xx
Increase money xx

runscript killallhostiles
Kill the enemy

runscript addxp xx
Increase experience xx

runscript pc_immortal
Current control teammate is invincible (life is not less than 0)

runscript cheat
The whole body glows brightly, the effect is unknown

runscript zz_upgrade
Inlaid Rune

runscript zz_supercrit player
Increase the current control teammate’s many attributes (add 50 power, etc.) (destroy the game balance, it is best not to use)

runscript chargen warrior
Soldiers transferred (will be washed, the current equipment on the body will be emptied, looks like the level returns to 1)

runscript chargen mage
Transferred Master (Ibid.)

runscript chargen rogue
Transition thieves (same as above)

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