Double Dragon game guide

Double Dragon game guide

Basic knowledge of the game:
The main buttons in the game do not distinguish between fists and feet, only strength
CHARGE technique, that is, super nirvana. As long as you hit an enemy or are attacked, the energy in the energy tank will increase. When the energy tank is full, the words “CHARGE” will appear, so you can use the CHARGE technique.
There are two main types of continuous skills in this game. One type is a special move that cancels ordinary skills, and the other is a similar chain technique to the Junior Street Fighter. Press the attack button in order from light to heavy to attack the opponent continuously, but it can only be used in OVERDRIVE MODE.
Qi Jue The Qi Jue of this game is quite special, and there are two types. Ordinary Qijue: That is, the character is standing with a star on his head, and he can use continuous skills to chase after him. Lying down Qijue: Normal attacks cannot be hit, only the DOWN attack dedicated to lying down Qijue (↓·P)
air interception close in the air ←/→·B/C/D
Double attack teeth ↓↘→·P
Rift Hollow →↓↘·P
Dragon tail spin ↓↙←·P (Can be in the air)
Ascending Dragon’s Tail Spin ↓↙←↖↑·P(Straight Up) or ↓↙←↖·P(Back Oblique) or ↓↙←↖↑↗·P(Front Oblique)
Barking Dragon Smash ↓↘→·PP (Press at the same time) Ssangyong Reincarnated Press the four keys at the same time

air interception close in the air ←/→·B/C/D
Shuanglongya ↓↘→·P
Rift Hollow →↓↘·P
Dragon tail spin ↓↙←·P (Can be in the air)
Flashing Air Break →↓↘·PP (Press at the same time)
Ssangyong Reincarnated, press the four keys at the same time
air interception close in the air ←/→·B/C
Annulus Destroy ↓Charge ↑·P
Moon Glide ←Charge →·P
Must Kill Throw Close ←↙↓↘→·P or →↘↓↙←·P
Ring Shaft Slaughter ↓Charge ↑·PP (Press at the same time)
Moonwalking Chariot ←Charge →·PP (Press simultaneously)

air interception close in the air ←/→·C/D
Eagle Claw Fist Aerial ←↙↓·P
Fierce Fire Blasts the Yanbi ↓Charge ↑·P
Phoenix Punch ←Charge →·P (Press P to attack behind the enemy)
Thunder Light ↓Charge ↑·PP (Press simultaneously)
Shinobi is destroyed ←↙↓↘→·PP (Press at the same time) (Can be in the air)

air interception close in the air ←/→·C
Three consecutive fights close ←↙↓↘→·P or →↘↓↙←·P
Fire Slash ↓↘→·P Cannonball ←Charge →·P
Wildfire explodes ↓↘→·PP (Press simultaneously)
Heavy damage to meteor ←Charge →·PP (Press simultaneously)
air interception close in the air ←/→·B/C
Flying Butterfly Cut →↓↘·P
Red Blade Fist ↓↘→·P
Air Red Blade Fist Air ↓↙←·P
Profound Meaning·Dance of Flying Butterflies →↓↘·PP (Press simultaneously)
Butterfly Gale Kill ↓↘→·PP (Press at the same time) (Can be airborne)

air interception close in the air ←/→·D
Men’s Power ←Gathering Power→·P
Male Sword P (Continuous Hit)
Male Qi Combo ↓↘→·P
Male Passion Bullet ↓↘→·PP (Press at the same time)
Male Fire Bomb PP (Press at the same time) (Consecutive)
Yellow Dragon Feet →↓↘·P
Drunk Tiger Fighting ↓↘→·P
Flying feet ↓↙←·P
in front of you ←↓↙·P (note that ↙ must be pressed firmly)
Drunk Tiger Lure Win ↓↘→·PP (Press at the same time)
Drunk Tiger Nanta →↓↘·PP (Press simultaneously)

air interception close in the air ←/→·D
Hammer Grab →↘↓·P
Giant swinging close →↘↓↙←·P or ←↙↓↘→·P
Ultimate Bomb Close ↓↘→·P
Break the World →↘↓·PP (Press simultaneously)
High pressure explosive bomb close ←↙↓↘→·PP or →↘↓↙←·PP

rag kill ←Charge →·P
Air Shattered Kill ↓Charge ↑·P
Dangerous compound →↓↘·P
Cloud Sea Hunting ↓Charge ↑·PP (Press simultaneously) D.H.D →↓↘·PP (Press simultaneously)

Use the boss console version
In the home machine mode, when selecting a character, place the cursor in the order of BILLY, MARRIAN, CHENFU, JIMMY and you need to stay for three or more seconds each time. If successful, two bosses DUKE and SHUKU will appear to choose from!

↓↘→·P →↓↘·P
↓charged ↑·P
Air ←↙↓·P
Super Kill: ↓↘→·PP
Aerial ←↙↓·PP

Aerial ←↙↓·P
↓charged ↑·P →↘↓·P ←→·P
Stealth ↓↙←↓↙←↓↙←·P
Super Kill: →↓↘·PP →↘↓·PP

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