DOOM game cheats

DOOM game cheats

DOOM game cheats

IDDQD⇒God Mode
IDKFA⇒All weapons and keys
IDFA⇒All weapons
IDMYPOS⇒Display position
IDDT⇒Enter once: display the map Enter once: display the enemy
IDCLEV##⇒Select the level, such as IDCLEV13 is the third level of the first act
IDBEHOLDv⇒ Temporarily invincible
IDBEHOLDi⇒Temporarily invisible
IDBEHOLDa⇒All maps
IDBEHOLDl ⇒ night vision capability
IDBEHOLDs⇒Furious Equipment (Limited Time)
IDBEHOLDr⇒Radiation outfit
IDMUS##⇒Play music
IDSPISPOPD⇒through-wall mode
fhhall⇒Kill all monsters (only valid under Doom 95)
fhshh⇒Invisible (only valid under Doom 95)

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