Doom 4 game cheats

It is important to note that some commands have unexpected effects. For example, in the difficulty of the nightmare mode, if you want to use the god mode to command cheating, the actual effect is that the protagonist’s life will be slowly lost, but it will increase the difficulty for the player to break through.
Another point is that players cannot use these commands in multiplayer mode. You can only use console commands in single player mode.

How to open the console

If you want to use the password command in Doom 4, press Ctrl+Alt+~ to call out the console. Enter the command you want to use, then press Enter to activate it.
Console command


God mode switch (still subject to environmental damage). Turning it on in the nightmare difficulty mode will cause a slow loss of health throughout the entire journey.


Players can get full-level health, armor, and ammunition. At the same time, they will also get all unlockable weapons, weapon modules (same full-level), equipment modules, and open all equipment module fields.


Players can get full level health, armor and ammunition.

Players can get all weapon modules and weapons, and all weapon modules are at full level.


Players can get all equipment modules and equipment module slots.


Unlock all secrets, props and unexplored areas on the map.


Honor kill limited mode switch. To make all enemies immune to bullets, players must use glory kills to kill the enemies.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that once you use any console command, your archive will have a cheat mark.

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