Doom 3 BFG game cheats


Add the command +set com_allowConsole after the shortcut

Then open the command console in the game to play secret skills~

Code: Result:
god God Mode
noclip No Clipping Mode
notarget Invisibility
benchmark Benchmark Game
doomhell Skip All Levels
freeze Freeze Everything
aviDemo Save Demo in AVI Format
gfxinfo Graphics Card Info
give all All Weapons and Ammo
give keys Give All Keys
give weapon_machinegun Give Machine Gun
give weapon_shotgun Give Shotgun
give weapon_plasmagun Give Plasma Gun
give weapon_bfg Give BFG
give weapon_chainsaw Give Chainsaw
give weapon_rocketlauncher Give Rocket Launcher
status Your Game Status
quit Quit Game
com_drawfps 1 Show FPS
toggle pm_thirdperson 3rd Person View
map # Load Map # (See List)
spawn # Spawn # (See List)

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