Divinity Original Sin game cheats

Find the archive directory of the game in My Documents:…MyDocuments\Larian Studios\Divinity Original Sin\PlayerProfiles\[your game character name]\config.lsx

Open this setting file (notepad++ is recommended) and look for: GodMode

is also the legendary God mode. There is only one value file, so don’t worry about not finding it.

you will find this code

<node id=”ConfigEntry”>

<attribute id=”MapKey” value=”GodMode” type=”22″ /> <attribute id=”Type” value=”0″ type=”5″ /> <attribute id=”Value” value=”0″ type=”4″ />

Here, just change the value of the last line from 0 to 1.

changed to this:

<attribute id=”Value” value=”1″ type=”4″ />

save the document. If you hit the spell, it will still work, but you won’t lose blood and you won’t die.

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