Disciples II: Rise of the Elves game cheats

Press Enter in the game, then enter the following password and press Enter:

  Moneyfornothing  Magic and money reach 9999

  Borntorun  Move points are set to full

  Help!  Full health

  Wearethechampions   win mission

  Loser  Mission failed

  Herecomesthesun  Open all maps

  Paintitblack  Hide the invisible map

  Another brickinthewall   allowed to build again in the capital

  Givepeaceachance   Peaceful coexistence with all nations

  Badtothebone   declare war with all nations

  Cometogether  Allied with all nations

  Jump   All members’ XP is set to the next level

  Stairwaytoheaven   upgrade immediately for all members

  Lifeisacarnival   summon the dead

  Allalongthewatchtower  Check the enemy’s information

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