Diablo game cheats

Diablo game cheats

Diablo game cheats

Retrieve everyone’s bodies:

When the player’s character dies, it will automatically return to the town. At this time, close the game in an incorrect way (for example: press [Alt]+[Tab] to jump back to Window, and then press [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Delete] to close “Diablo II”), then restart the game, the player The body of will appear in the town, including all items and money (leave the game in the normal way, the body will also return to the town, but the money the player brings cannot be retrieved.)

A bug related to identification:

First open your inventory, right-click on the appraisal scroll (as usual appraisal), let other players trade with you, enter the trading screen, and then use the mouse with a question mark to click on the item to be appraised to complete the transaction.

Steps to “copy” items:

First, make a backup of the SAVE sub-directory under the DIABLO2 game directory, and then ask a player to let him build an online game, then enter his game, discard all the things you like, and then exit the previous backup. Cover the SAVE sub-directory, and when you enter the game again, you will find that all those good things are well carried on you! (This method is most suitable for copying good equipment or gems, especially those mission props that are necessary in the game)

Tips on upgrading:

When you are allowed to upgrade in the game, don’t add the skill value and upgrade points you got. Continue to fight, so that the experience value gained by killing the same enemy after upgrade is exactly the same as before.

Necromancers ultimate weapon:

To obtain the wizard’s ultimate weapon (STROKE OF DEATH), follow the steps below:

Summon a golems, release a bone spirit, and die. When you are born again, enter a string of sentences like: THEDARKMUSTFEED. After entering this way, you will find that you already have “STROKE OF DEATH” when you check your inventory!

Paladins ultimate weapon:

To obtain the ultimate weapon (HOLY AVENGER) of the fighter, please follow the steps below:

Release the spells in the following order: Meditation, Prayer, Concentration, Prayer, Prayer, Meditation, Concentration, Medidtation. Then use the “Hand Of God” spell to kill a monster, and then enter: IHAVESERVEDYOU After entering this way, when you check your inventory, you will find that you already have the “Holy Avenger”!

Hide people

Use the name of the Ranger OR Witch: Halbu OR Jamella. When you finish the last difficulty and hold the magic hammer in the ACT1 mission, from the first difficulty, the characters become the two blacksmiths and merchants in ACT4, but the items and the Leven are just like the beginning Like that. Merchants can put twice as many items as other players; blacksmiths can get 100% magic items and 25% build yellow items, but the failed items disappear.

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Unlimited access to dark gold equipment cheats

In the game (no matter on any difficulty), as long as you reach the second world (ACTII), the last task (The Seven Tombs) is to kill Duriel (Duriel). When you insert the staff into the hole and enter the mode of heads-up with Darrell and defeat it, you will find that the mission becomes Talk to Tyrael (talk to Tyrael and save him). Of course, killing After Darrell, you will randomly get a “dark gold equipment”, if not, you will also have a “golden equipment” or a “green equipment” and some good “blue equipment”. When you rescue Tyrael, no matter how many times you kill Darrell, there will be no more “dark gold”, “gold” or “green” equipment, only one blue equipment. And if you kill Darrell but don’t save Terry, and don’t talk to anyone in the village, but “SAVE AND EXIT”, then when you enter the game again, you will find that this task has not been completed. Of course, if you kill Darrell, there will be “dark gold”, “gold” or “green” equipment again, so in the future, you can kill Darrell infinitely and get unlimited “dark gold” , “Gold” and “Green” equipment!

PS version cheats

Copy Dafa

Choose a character, and when you have 4000 dollars, save it. Start another game that allows two people to play, create a new character to enter, then the two characters enter the game together, throw the stuff of the first character to the second player, the second player saves and exits, does not return the first player, and then Enter the game with two second players, and stuff is twice as big, whether it is money or items.

Item Copy Cheats

First enter the game with doubles, give A’s money to B, A does not save, B save and then re-enter the game at the end. B’s money is from A+B just now, but A’s money remains the same, and so on, full of money is not a problem.
Items can also be copied by this method, but some tasks cannot be copied, and some things will fail to copy, so be careful.

When you reach the 13th floor and return to the town, you can buy potions with increased abilities. Using the copy method, full lv1 abilities are not a problem.

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