Diablo 3 game cheats

Diablo 3 game cheats

Diablo 3 game cheats

D3 frame skip solution

Edit D3Prefs.txt (My Documents/Diablo III/)

Change the following parameters to 1 after HardwareClass (representing the minimum graphics card configuration)

Open all cutscenes without clearing the level

Change the parameters behind D3Prefs.txt PlayedCutscene? to

PlayedCutscene0 “15”

PlayedCutscene1 “15”

PlayedCutscene2 “23”

PlayedCutscene3 “143”


D3Prefs.txt location under Mac system: ~/Library/Application Support/Blizzard/Diablo III/


HardwareClass “0” ⇒ means that the graphics card does not support, the minimum requirements for d3

HardwareClass “1” ⇒ is the minimum graphics card requirement configuration

HardwareClass “4” ⇒ is the parameter of NVIDIA n460 graphics card

HardwareClass “5” ⇒ is the parameter of NVIDIA n560 graphics card

Diablo 3 brushing the Skeleton King out of the golden equipment method (suspected repair)

1. When you play the last Royal Crypt of the beta, you will reach the last save point. The mission record displayed is to enter the basement to kill the Skeleton King.

2. Don’t rush to kill the Skeleton King first

3. First set another player in the game, pay attention to this player do nothing, public settings are open to friends

4. You leave the game, create another game and read to the last save point

5. At this time you kill Skeleton King and get rewards 6. After killing, you immediately return to your friend’s game

7. Repeat this step, can you repeat the Skeleton King?

Infinite drag corpse flow

The mobs don’t fight, just drag the corpse to fight the boss. There is only one boss and won’t be surrounded for a second. In fact, it’s easier (if you can’t fight, you can form a team and let the master lead it)

Anyway, the mobs in the next chapters can drop better products

Store shopping flow

Take advantage of the master’s progress in Chapter 3 and 4 to go back to the city and buy blue equipment from the store. If you have poor equipment, the store equipment is better.

The latest card BOSS brush equipment method:

Purgatory Act IV The Source of All Evil Quest First of all, what we have to do is, in hell, click Chapter 4, and enter XXX for the last task directly, then go to play the big pineapple (the host does not know where this storage point is), and then exit., Click Open Game, select Purgatory Chapter 4, enter the game, find the storage point to save, and exit. Then choose to change the mission of Purgatory Chapter 4 and finally cross the Tianyi Bridge (note that it is not a public game at this time) and enter the game.

ps: If you don’t understand how to enter Purgatory ACT4, you can refer to this method: select the hell difficulty A4 [the source of all evil into the crystal XX] mission to enter the game—–ESC select the open game to enter——leave the game to the interface Select the list of public games. see that? You can directly open the source of all evil in Purgatory, choose to join the game and then leave the game——continue the progress——Ignore the mobs and directly rush to the first floor of the Silver Spire——take this task The golden mission is strange.

Brush gold AH flow

Swap enough gold medals to hunt for treasure in the auction house (you can go to the auction house to brush treasure and fight RP with enough hundreds of thousands)

Let’s talk about the location of the next brush.

Log out every 1 minute and 10 seconds to continue. . Around 15,000 at a time. It’s boring.

Hell Mode ACT1-Floor 1-Floor 2 of the Great Sanctuary, there are many cans and barrels on the road. Destroy one for 700-1500 gold, and there is no strong blue gold monster. DPS28,000, cleared in 1 minute and restarted.

Be careful not to brush in purgatory, the monsters in purgatory will have champions and elite monsters, which will affect farm efficiency

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