Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction game cheats

Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction game cheats

Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction game cheats

Random cheats
soundchaosdebug⇒Entertainment (re-enter to close)
/fps⇒Display frame rate
/framerate⇒Display frame rate, memory, and cache (valid in version 1.10)
/nopickup⇒Unless you press alt, you cannot pick up things.
To prevent picking up garbage by mistake, and accidentally hitting things and hanging up when breaking through the siege.
Music off
Type in the main interface, not in the game
Ctrl+M⇒Turn off the music in the main menu
Ctrl+S⇒Turn off sound effects in the main menu
Start the game from the command line
Use the following command line to start the game>:
The following commands may only work in 1.11b.
-act5⇒Create a new character at level 33 in Act5
-act3⇒ Create a new character at level 21 in Act3.
-act4⇒Create a new character at level 27 in Act4.
-act2⇒Create a new character at level 16 in Act2.
-act1⇒ Create a new character of level 1 in Act1.
-nosave⇒Do not save the game
-ns ⇒ silent mode
-skiptobnet⇒Open Diablo and connect directly to Battle.net server
-npl⇒Remove preload
-opengl⇒Use OpenGL display mode
-w⇒window mode
Players X
/players 1-8⇒Change the difficulty of the game and increase the chance of dropping treasures (8 is the most difficult)
More parameters:

Note: You can use multiple parameters at the same time, such as (“D:diablo IId2loader.exe” -w -skiptobnet)

Simplified parameters ⇒ complete parameters ⇒ role
-w⇒-window⇒switch to window mode
-ns⇒-nosound⇒ silent mode
-skiptobnet⇒-skiptobnet⇒ enter battle.net directly
-nonotify⇒-nonotify⇒turn off error message alarm
-lng⇒-lng⇒Set language as: ENG (English), CHN (Chinese)
-title⇒-title⇒Set the window title (some HACKs need to be run under the specified title
-multiclient⇒-multiclient⇒multi-launch game
-noplugin⇒-noplugin⇒Do not import Plug-in
-bn⇒-battlenetip⇒Set the IP of battle.net server to
-glide⇒-glide⇒Use Glide display mode
-opengl⇒-opengl⇒Use OpenGL display mode
-d3d⇒-d3d⇒Use Direct 3D display mode
Other parameters:

Simplified parameters ⇒ complete parameters ⇒ role
-rave⇒-rave⇒Use Rave display mode, only for Mac
-per⇒-perspective⇒Open perspective mode, only applicable to full-screen non-Direct Draw mode
-lq⇒-lowquality⇒low image quality (high speed)
-gamma⇒-gamma⇒Set Gamma value
-vsync⇒-vsync⇒Open VSync
-fr⇒-framerate⇒Set the frame rate to
-s⇒-serverip⇒Set the IP of the TCP/IP game server to
-gametype⇒-gametype⇒Set the game type to
-joinid⇒-joinid⇒Set the ID to join the game as
-gamename⇒-gamename⇒Set the game name
-mcpip⇒-mcpip⇒Set the mcpip server IP to
-nopk⇒-nopk⇒Prohibit PK (it seems invalid)
-txt⇒-txt⇒ for MOD creators to create .bin files
-ama⇒-ama⇒Set the character type to ama
-pal⇒-pal⇒Set the character type to pal
-sor⇒-sor⇒Set the character type to sor
-nec⇒-nec⇒Set the character type to nec
-bar⇒-bar⇒Set the character type to bar
-dru⇒-dru⇒Set the character type to dru
-asn⇒-asn⇒Set the character type to asn
-i⇒-invincible⇒invisible? (seems to be invalid)
-bnacct⇒-bnacct⇒Set battle.net battle network account name as
-bnpass⇒-bnpass⇒Set the password of battle.net to
-name⇒-name⇒Set battle.net battle.net character name to
-realm⇒-realm⇒Set the name of battle.net server (Realm) to
-ctemp⇒-ctemp⇒Use the template of the first character in arena mode
-act⇒-act⇒Set the initial position to act
-seed⇒-seed⇒Set the map seed (ala5: understandable as map ID) as
-npl⇒-nopreload⇒do not preload game files
-direct⇒-direct⇒Read data directly from the hard disk (ala5: not in mpq files)
-nocompress⇒-nocompress⇒no compression
-comint⇒-comint⇒ dynamic data structure (don’t touch it)
-token⇒-token⇒Set the token for closing the game as
-gamepass⇒-gamepass⇒Set the game password to
-client⇒-client⇒client mode
-server⇒-server⇒server-side mode, requires d2server.dll
-launch⇒-launch⇒run mode (default)
-notitle⇒-notitle⇒no window title bar
-res800⇒-res800⇒The window size is 800×600 (only for D2, not for D2X)
-res640⇒-res640⇒The window size is 640×480 (only for D2, invalid for D2X)
-noexit⇒-noexit⇒Do not automatically exit
-autorest⇒-autorest⇒automatically restart the game after exiting
-nohook⇒-nohook⇒Disable Windows hooks
-nochar⇒-nochar⇒Prohibit character images
-clientexit⇒-clientexit⇒Automatically close the client game program when exiting the game
-noscript⇒-noscript⇒do not read script
-hookwnd⇒-hookwnd⇒Set the hook window class to
-hookexe⇒-hookexe⇒Set the hook version to verify game.exe as
-servername⇒-servername⇒Set the name of the game server to

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