Diablo 2 game cheats

Run in window mode:

Don’t want to use full screen mode? You just need to add a “-w” after the shortcut of “Diablo 2”. (For example: “C:\Diablo 2\Diablo II.exe” -w)

Retrieve items from the dead:

If you die unfortunately and cannot retrieve items from your corpse, you can simply save your progress and exit, and then return to the game. You will find the corpse in the city, so you can easily retrieve your items.

A bug related to identification:

First open your inventory, right-click the appraisal scroll (as usual appraisal), let other players trade with you, enter the transaction screen, and then use the mouse with a question mark to click the item to be appraised to complete the transaction.

Play in window mode:

Add “-w” (“C:\Diablo 2\Diablo II.exe” -w) to the shortcut of “Diablo II”

retrieve everyone’s bodies:

When the player’s character dies, it will automatically return to the town. At this time, close the game in an incorrect way (for example: press [Alt]+[Tab] to jump back to Window, and then press [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Delete] to close “Diablo II”), then restart the game, the player The body of will appear in the town, including all items and money (leave the game in the normal way, the body will also return to the town, but the money the player brings cannot be retrieved.)

A bug related to identification:

First open your inventory, right-click on the appraisal scroll (as usual appraisal), let other players trade with you, enter the trading screen, and then use the mouse with a question mark to click on the item to be appraised to complete the transaction.

“Copy” the operation steps:

First, make a backup of the SAVE sub-directory under the DIABLO2 game directory, and then ask a player to let him build an online game, then enter his game, discard all the things you like, and then exit the previous backup. Cover the SAVE sub-directory, and when you enter the game again, you will find that all those good things are well carried on you! (This method is most suitable for copying good equipment or gems, especially those mission props that are necessary in the game)

Tips about upgrading:

When you are allowed to upgrade in the game, do not add the skill value and upgrade points you have obtained, and continue to fight, so that the experience value of killing the same enemy after the upgrade is exactly the same as before the upgrade.

Necromancers (Necromancers) ultimate weapon:

To obtain the wizard’s ultimate weapon (STROKE OF DEATH), please follow the steps below:

summon a golems, release a bone spirit, and then die. When you are born again, enter a string of sentences like: THEDARKMUSTFEED. After entering this way, you will find that you already have “STROKE OF DEATH” when you check your inventory!

Paladins ultimate weapon:

To get the ultimate weapon of the fighter (HOLY AVENGER), please follow the steps below:

Release spells in the following order: Meditation, Prayer, Concentration, Prayer, Prayer, Meditation, Concentration, Medidtation. Then use the “Hand Of God” spell to kill a monster, and then enter: IHAVESERVEDYOU After entering this way, when you check your inventory, you will find that you already have the “Holy Avenger”!

hidden characters

uses the name of the Ranger OR Witch: Halbu OR Jamella. When you finish the last difficulty and hold the magic hammer in the ACT1 mission, from the first difficulty, the characters become the two blacksmiths and merchants in ACT4, but the items and the Leven are just like the beginning Like that. Merchants can put twice as many items as other players; blacksmiths can get 100% magic items and 25% build yellow items, but the failed items disappear.

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“Leap (leap), Leap Attack (leap attack). Leap Attack (leap attack) is a very good skill, it can make your character back quickly to avoid being besieged by the enemy, although it is not comparable to a certain extent Witch’s Teleport is so convenient, but it is still great.

Find Item This skill allows the barbarian to find further items on the monster’s corpse. Find Potion allows the barbarian to find healing potions, magic potions and healing potions.

After using the medical potion, the barbarian can restore the most health points equivalent to other characters.

The barbarian can use Shout (roar), Battle Orders (combat command), and Battle Commands (combat control), he can use these skills on himself at the same time. Increased speed (enhanced mobility) allows barbarians to move faster; Increased stamina (enhanced stamina) allows barbarians to run farther compared to other characters; Iron skin (steel skin) can improve barbarians Defense, without the need for additional equipment; Natural resistance (natural resistance) also enhances all the resistance of the barbarian; more importantly, these skills do not need to be deliberately maintained, it is a passive skill (ranger’s aura Belongs to active skills, must consume mana to be effective), the above are all unique to barbarians.

Command complete:

Right-click the dark icon on the desktop—Properties—-Shortcut—-Target (T)——“G:\DIABLO II\D2Loader.exe” -direct -pdir m -w

Remove the last -w, it is full screen! Plus is the window!

Diablo Command
All command line parameters of D2Loader:

<n> stands for number, <s> stands for string

Short parameter Full parameter Description
1. Video options
-exp -expansion switch to expansion mode
-w -window switch to window mode
-glide -glide use Glide display mode
-opengl -opengl uses OpenGL display mode
-d3d -d3d use Direct 3D display mode
-rave -rave Use Rave display mode, only for Mac
-per -perspective open perspective mode, only applicable to full-screen non-Direct Draw mode
-lq -lowquality Low image quality (high speed)
-gamma <n> -gamma <n> set Gamma value to <n>
-vsync -vsync open VSync
-fr <n> -framerate <n> even frame rate is <n>

2. Network options
-s <s> -serverip <s> Set the IP of the TCP/IP game server to <s>
-gametype <n> -gametype <n> set the game type to <n>
-joinid <n> -joinid <n> Set the ID of joining the game to <n>
-gamename <s> -gamename <s> set the game name to <s>
-bn <s> -battlenetip <s> set battle.net server IP to <s>
-mcpip <s> -mcpip <s> set mcpip server IP to <s>
-nopk -nopk prohibit PK (seems to be invalid)
-openc -openc unclear

3. Game options
-arena <n> -arena <n> invalid
-difficulty -difficulty is invalid
-txt -txt for MOD creators to create .bin files

4. Role options
-ama -ama set the role type to ama
-pal -pal set the role type to pal
-sor -sor set the role type to sor
-nec -nec set the role type to nec
-bar -bar set the role type to bar
-dru -dru set the role type to dru
-asn -asn set the role type to asn
-i -invincible invisible? (Seems to be invalid)
-bnacct <s> -bnacct <s> set battle.net account name to <s>
-bnpass <s> -bnpass <s> set battle.net password to <s>
-name <s> -name <s> set battle.net role name to <s>
-realm <s> -realm <s> set the name of the battle.net server (Realm) to <s>
-ctemp <n> -ctemp <n> Use the template of the <n>th character in arena mode


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