Deus Ex Human Revolution game cheats

Easily gain experience
In Hengsha area, every store has a back door. Open the door and walk in directly to get 100 XP Traveler extra income.

Easy kill
For invasion and power upgrades you can pick up turrets with unlimited ammunition, put them down and fire them to easily clean the whole house. Doing this will still get XP and headshots. You can also do this with robots .

QR code
In the game, there will be many QR codes appearing on boxes or other things. You can use a mobile phone that can scan the QR code to see what the hidden information is.

QR code website
When you finish the prologue, and enter the first task, enter the warehouse and look for the carton marked “Sarif Industries” to find a QR code. You can scan a QR code with a mobile phone that can scan the QR code. A fictitious website from.

Panel/door code
Here is a list of all the codes for all explosion panels, laser mesh panels, security panels and protective panels in the game:

Sarif HQ

Helipad Storage-Code: 8053 (Protection Panel)
Sarif Industries F3 (Denzel Mitchell Office)-Code: 1364 (Protection Panel)
Sarif Industries F3 (Ted Bruger Office)-Code: 9642 (Protection Panel)
Sarif Industries F3-Code: 0250 (Protection Panel)
Sarif Industries F2 (Frieda Malik Office)-Code: 5475 (Protection Panel)
Sarif Industries F2-Code: 3716 (Protection Panel)
Sarif Industries F2 (Mike Pine Office)-Code: 4145 (Protection Panel)

Sarif Manufacturing Plant

Assembly Line 1 F2-Code: 1505 (Explosion Panel)
Detroit City Streets
Detroit City Streets (North)-Code: 0187 (Protection Panel)
Detroit City Streets (Central)-Code: 0002 (Protection Panel)
Detroit City Streets (Central)-Code: 1904 (Protection Panel)
Detroit City Streets (Central)-Code: 2928 (Protection Panel)
Detroit City Streets (Central)-Code: 6542 (Laser Mesh Panel)
Detroit City Streets (East)-Code: 4891 (Protection Panel)
Detroit City Streets (East)-Code: 1966 (Protection Panel)
Detroit City Streets (Southwest)-Code: 4626 (Protection Panel)
Detroit City Streets (Southeast)-Code: 5551 (Protection Panel)
Detroit City Streets (Southwest)-Code: 8982 (Protection Panel)
Detroit City Sewers-Code: 2599 (Protection Panel)
Detroit City Sewers-Code: 0000 (Explosion Panel)
Detroit Sewers-Code: 8218 (Laser Mesh Panel)
Detroit Sewers-Code: 0110 (Protection Panel)

Detroit Apartments

Jensen’s Apartment-Code: 5375 (Security Panel)
Apartment 2 F1-Code: 0739 (Security Panel)
Apartment 2 F2-Code: 3733 (Protection Panel)
Apartment 3 B1-Enter: 8974 (Protection Panel)
Apartment 3 F1-Code: 1077 (Protection Panel)
Apartment 3 F1-Code: 1029 (Protection Panel)
Apartment 3 F1-Code: 1031 (Security Panel)
Apartment 3 F2-Code: 3663 (Protection Panel)
Apartment 3 F2-Code: 8221 (Protection Panel)
Apartment 3 F2-Code: 2356 (Protection Panel)
Apartment 4 F3-Enter: 1948 (Security Panel)
Apartment 4 F3-Code: 7767 (Protection Panel)

Detroit Derelict Row

Derelect Row F1-Code: 3290 (Protection Panel)
Derelect Row F1-Code: 5962 (Protection Panel)
Derelect Row F3-Code: 5463 (Security Panel)
Detroit Police Department
B1-Code: 2599 (Protection Panel)
B1-Code: 7366 (Laser Mesh Panel)
B1-Code: 7366 (Laser Mesh Panel)
B1-Code: 9212 (Protection Panel)
F1-Code: 4816 (Protection Panel)
F1-Code: 1856 (Protection Panel)
F3-Code: 2231 (Protection Panel)
F3-Code: 6065 (Protection Panel)
F3-Code: 3727 (Protection Panel)

Fema Camp

Fema Interior B1-Code: 7984 (Protection Panel)
Fema Interior B1-Code: 7984 (Protection Panel)
Fema Interior B1-Code: 7984 (Protection Panel)
Fema Yard F1-Code: 7984 (Protection Panel)
Fema Yard F1-Code: 7984 (Laser Mesh Panel)
Fema Yard F1-Code: 7984 (Laser Mesh Panel)

Hengsha City Streets

Hengsha Streets (West)-Code: 3444 (Security Panel)
Hengsha Streets (East)-Code: 1381 (Protection Panel)
Hengsha Streets (East)-Code: 1339 (Protection Panel)
Hengsha Streets (East)-Code: 1379 (Protection Panel)
Hengsha Streets (East)-Code: 7845 (Protection Panel)
Lower Hengsha Streets (South)-Code: 5377 (Protection Panel)

Hengsha Buildings

Hung Hua Hotel-Code: 7657 (Security Panel)
Alice Garden Pods F1-Code: 3785 (Protection Panel)
Alice Garden Pods F1-Code: 3824 (Protection Panel)
The Hive-Code: 0415 (Protection Panel)
The Hive-Code: 8953 (Security Panel)

Tai Yong Medical

Storage Area-Code: 4865 (Protection Panel)
Storage Area-Code: 5720 (Protection Panel)
Storage Area-Code: 0821 (Protection Panel)
Pool-Code: 7934 (Protection Panel)
Pool-Code: 9409 (Laser Mesh Panel)
F1-Code: 4713 (Protection Panel)
F3-Code: 9762 (Laser Mesh Panel)
F3-Code: 9762 (Laser Mesh Panel)
F3-Code: 2459 (Laser Mesh Panel)
F3-Code: 5126 (Laser Mesh Panel)
F4-Code: 2967 (Protection Panel)
F4-Code: 3090 (Protection Panel)
F4-Code: 6906 (Protection Panel)
Penthouse-Code: 0117 (Security Panel)


F1-Code: 0068 (Protection Panel)
Restricted Area F1 -Code: 0101 (Protection Panel)
Restricted Area F1-Code: 1006 (Protection Panel)
Restricted Area F3-Code: 1980 (Protection Panel)


Harvester Territory B2-Code: 7920 (Protection Panel)

Hengsha Seaport

Seaport F1-Code: 7785 (Protection Panel)
Seaport F2-Code: 4589 (Protection Panel)
Seaport F3-Code: 3295 (Protection Panel)

Omega Ranch

Omega F1-Code: 2410 (Protection Panel)
Omega F1-Code: 9992 (Protection Panel)
Omega F1-Code: 2535 (Laser Mesh Panel)
Omega F1-Code: 1385 (Protection Panel)
Omega F1-Code: 0111 (Protection Panel)
Omega F1-Code: 0111 (Protection Panel)
Omega F2-Code: 5377 (Protection Panel)
Omega F2-Code: 1504 (Protection Panel)


Port of Entry-Code: 7153 (Protection Panel)
Machinery-Code: 9823 (Protection Panel)
Machinery-Code: 9823 (Protection Panel)
Tower-Code: 8024 (Protection Panel)


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