Deer Hunter game cheats

Deer Hunter game cheats

Deer Hunter game cheats

Before hunting, enter the following cheats in the minimap window:
dhbambi⇒Display the location of the prey on the map
dhstealth⇒The deer cannot hear your voice, nor can they smell your smell;
dhdoeinheat ⇒ Attracts all stags
dhbuckdown⇒The deer stays still while shooting
dhsportaxi⇒bigger deer
dhfastgun ⇒ Faster bullets
dhbigbuck⇒After hitting a deer, you can gain 15 pounds
dhhunter ⇒ quiet hunter
dhviper⇒Kill deer everywhere;
dhdeermate⇒All female deer

In the game, always keep the wind blowing so that the deer cannot smell you.


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