Deer Hunter 4 World-Class Record Bucks Game Cheats

Deer Hunter 4 World Class Record Bucks Game Cheats

Deer Hunter 4 World-Class Record Bucks Game Cheats

In the game, press [F2] to input the following cheats, and then press [F12] to get the corresponding cheats effect:
Animals are not afraid of hunters⇒dh4nofear
Bullet’s perspective ⇒ dh4leadeye
Eliminate all weather effects⇒dh4dry
Display debug information⇒dh4breakdown
Enable all cheat effects⇒dh4super
Flight mode⇒dh4skyhook
Gun’s perspective ⇒ dh4sightin
Hunters will not be tired ⇒ dh4homegym
Attract animals ⇒ dh4beacon
Giant Deer⇒dh4monster
More blood⇒dh4f13
No animals ⇒ dh4plague
Through the wall mode⇒dh4truck
Silent mode⇒dh4damper
Rain ⇒ dh4water
Change the time to noon⇒dh4noon
Snow day⇒dh4ice
Effect of closing slope ⇒ dh4climber
Thunder ⇒ dh4thor
Move to the nearest animal ⇒ dh4find
View bullet trajectory⇒dh4tracers
View the deer on the map⇒dh4showme
View information⇒dh4vmwatch
Display the information of the nearest deer⇒dh4deerwatch
Walk within the target area⇒dh4caddyshack


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