Deer Hunter 2 The Hunt Continues Game Cheats

Deer Hunter 2 The Hunt Continues Game Cheats

Deer Hunter 2 The Hunt Continues Game Cheats

Press [F2] during the game and enter the following cheats:
Show the location of all deer on the map; ⇒dh2tracker
Teleport to the deer and within range; ⇒dh2shoot
Attract deer to your location; ⇒dh2honey
Attract you to the deer ⇒ dh2circle
Giant Deer⇒dh2deerzilla
Can only walk towards the deer⇒dh2sidewind
Rainy day⇒dh2rain
Snow day⇒dh2snow
Stop raining or snowing ⇒dh2weatherstop
Thunder ⇒ dh2thunder
Cycle weather ⇒ dh2blizzard
The fox’s perspective The numbers represent different foxes⇒camera set fox[number]
Deer’s perspective ⇒camera set deer[number]
Crow’s perspective ⇒camera set crow[number]
Hunter’s sight⇒camera set player
Animals are not afraid of you⇒dh2doolittle
Run faster⇒dh2flash
Very fast ⇒dh2supaflash
Will not panting ⇒ dh2shoedeal
Follow the bow and arrow or bullet ⇒ dh2deadeye
Sight follows the bullet⇒dh2bulletcam
Magic bullet ⇒ dh2magicbullet
Bullet speed slowed ⇒ dh2baddream
Show animals on the map⇒dh2supatracker
When hitting a deer, more blood will be sprayed ⇒dh2friday13
Reduce weapon shake ⇒ dh2swig
Show the sight of the weapon⇒dh2showsights
Walk around the target area⇒dh2caddyshack
The line of sight is outside the scope of the weapon ⇒dh2sightin
Airplane mode⇒dh2wright
Won’t start again ⇒ dh2bandolier


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