Dead Space 3 game cheats

Dead Space 3 game cheats

Dead Space 3 has unlimited resource methods:
In the first chapter of the snow, there is a rest station (to increase body temperature), and the radio is that you are listening to the Aloha station…a small program for your entertainment.

The seat at the station can be used for unlimited resources, including tungsten (only available for N times in and out, at least a few times). After picking it out, kill the 3 monsters at the door and go back in. Come out and wait until the door is closed. Use this method unlimited times.

Dead Space 3 Infinite Bullet BUG:
After selecting the record and entering the single player mode menu, the bottom item is the well-known monster abuse workshop, a lathe (weapon modification station) and a monster button. This mode has two characteristics that make enemies abuse their hearts. It does not consume ammunition and monsters cannot cause some damages.
Next, focus on:

Press start in the workshop, select the first item to read the checkpoint, and return to the workshop; press start, select the bottom item to save and exit.

ok, enter the process to bathe the monsters with a rain of bullets, changing the magazine does not consume ammunition at all.

Note: This bug is semi-permanent. Once opened, save and exit, it will still be maintained. It can only be removed after reaching the 18th chapter portal or clearing the level. Friends who are pursuing horror and excitement should use it with caution.

Dead Space 3 close infinite bullet method:
Many people complained that they got infinite ammo after entering the workshop, making the game dull. The initial way to turn off the infinite ammo is as follows:

Choose Chapter 2, and follow the process to change your clothes and chase the box. After the box stops, the unlimited ammo will be released. Try changing the ammo.

Save and exit, enter the single player game and select the second item to continue the final checkpoint of the story line.

Because it is around Chapter 4 to open infinite bombs, so the chase box in Chapter 2 should be very convenient as a switch

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