Dead Space 2 game cheats (PS3X360)

Enter the system menu screen in the game, enter the following commands and exit the system menu screen. When successful, you will hear the effect sound… (Uncertainty does not affect the achievement/trophies)
[PS3: □→X, △→Y: 360]
□△△□△→full static energy (unlimited use times)
□□△△△→full oxygen (unlimited use times)
△□□□△→Get 2 enhanced energy NODES (only once)
△□△□□△□□△□□△→Get 5 enhanced energy NODES (only use once)
□□□△□→Get 1,000 money CREDITS (only once)
□□□△△→Get 2000 CREDITS (only once)
□□□△□△→Get 5000 CREDITS (only once)
□△△△□□△→Get 1,000 credit CREDITS (only once)

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