Dead Rising game cheats

Dead Rising game cheats

Dead Rising game cheats

Tank mode:
In fact, it is to use a bug in the tank-fighting mode.

Before entering the last tunnel, prepare a green medicine (the effect is not to reduce life. Cabbage + orange juice, cabbage + apple, cabbage + bread, cabbage + cabbage) and several red medicine (the effect is not to be caught by zombies) . Pie + orange juice, pie + apple, bread + apple).

Remember to bring the “Cooking” book when dispensing medicine, the effect time will be doubled.

Then give Isabella 10 queen bees, enter the tunnel mode, drink the red medicine and rush forward all the way, until the jeep, clear the zombies around the jeep, and drink a green medicine and a red medicine before getting on the jeep. . Then immediately board the jeep. Enter the tanking mode.

After entering the tank-fighting mode, you will find that the green medicine and the red medicine are indicated by the medicinal effect, but the medicinal effect time is in a suspended state and does not decrease. Maybe it’s because the effect of the medicine is added to Frank, and you are now controlling Isabella who operates the machine gun. Anyway, in the whole process of fighting the tank, no matter how many guns you take, your life will not be lost.

Until you defeated the tank and regained control of Frank and entered the stage of fighting against the soldier Brock Mason, your potion time began to decrease normally.

Both XBOX360 version and PC reset version can use this cheat.

Playing BOSS does not reduce life:
In addition, let’s talk about the lifeless method of playing against Brock Mason. Move to the rear engine of the tank first. As soon as Brock Mason jumps from the tank turret, he will “fly kick” him. Whether he is kicked or not, he will jump back to the tank turret. It doesn’t take much effort to torture him to death. To
In the end, the big boss, Brock Mason, died.


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