Dead Island game copy cheats

Dead Island game copy cheats

Dead Island game copy cheats

PC version copy weapon:
Useless any plug-in, the modifier is king.

1. First press

2. Next, press

Explanation; The arrow is located below F12, on the left of Home, | on the right of town

Note; it’s not the up, down, left, and right arrows!

3. This is the action of throwing out the weapon, so at the beginning, press and hold it. When throwing the weapon, you have to release the right button!! Press the left button + arrow when throwing it out. In this way, 2 weapons can be thrown out!!

PS3 version copy weapon:

The process of copying is

1. First hold L1 to make a weapon throwing action (360 should be LB)

2. Then press and hold the triangle (360 should be Y)

3. Finally press R1 to throw the weapon out (360 should be RB) The triangle (Y) cannot be put

By the way, it seems that only combat weapons can do this

How to copy thrown goods:

Dead Island Throwing Items (Deodorant Bombs, Molotov cocktails) replication method: This method has been tested in version 1.2 and version 1.3, and it works.

Copy requirements:

1. The game character inventory must have at least 1 empty slot (for example, an inventory with 18 grids, at least 1 position, 17/18 or 16/18 is fine)

2. The equipment bar of the game character must be equipped with all items (except the items that need to be copied). For example, if you want to copy the deodorant bomb, the deodorant bomb cannot be equipped in the equipment slot (that is, there is no “hand” after the item name. “Marked), the same goes for the combustion flask.

3. Duplicating items need to use the workbench and the raw materials for making the items.

4. When copying, characters need to hold weapons, not wine bottles or medical kits, to avoid confusion. This article was written because I once copied more than 20 intermediate medical kits and sold them all.

5. The deodorant bombs or Molotov cocktails to be copied must have a set other than 30, and the best number is 29. If there are 30 items thrown on the body, they cannot be copied.

Copy method:

In the case that the above 5 items are met at the same time, take 29 deodorant bombs in 1 group as an example

Hold the weapon and select the workbench to make deodorant bombs. After the production is completed, it should automatically exit the workbench, and the weapons in hand will automatically be converted into deodorant bombs, the number is 30. At this time, looking at the inventory again, the original 29 deodorant bombs are still in the inventory, and there is one more group out of thin air.

The reason why it is recommended to start copying from 29, because one copy can produce 1 group. Generally, I start copying from 14 and get 14+15=29, and then copy 29+30, so let’s use bombs and incendiary bombs to kill.


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