Dead Block game cheats

Dead Block game cheats

Dead Block game cheats:

Press ~ in the game, enter the corresponding cheating password

Cheats Effect
God Invincible mode
Ghost Through the wall mode
Playersonly Turn off computer AI
Slomo # Set game speed # is a number
Walk Exit flight/through wall mode
Fly Flight mode
Allweapons All weapons
Behindview 1 Third person perspective
Behindview 0 First person perspective
Fov # Set the field of view to #
Suicide suicide
Teleport Teleport to where the front sight is pointing
setgravity # Change gravity (# is a number)
Amphibious Underwater breathing
Affectedbyhiteffects Will not be impacted/affected
Killviewedactor Destroy the target (use with caution)
Allammo Full ammo
Setjumpz # Set the jump height to #
Setspeed # Set mobile to #
Changesize # Set the size to #

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