Dark Souls 3 easy access to +10 weapons game guide

Dark Souls 3 easy access to 10 weapons game guide

Dark Souls 3 easy access to +10 weapons game guide

Weapon quick +10 method:

Beat the dancer in front of the ice dog, card invincible big knife bug, lie down.
After hitting the ice dog, to Undead Town, the stones picked up on the big tree road are enough +3.

Luo Qi behind the dancer must have big fragments, so you can only brush the one by the campfire. So it can be +6

For a long way to the gate of Hunting Dragon, a lot of rocks can be picked up on the ground. Parkour to pick them up. The flame pot threw the black pus snake on the dragon’s feet to death, and gave two stones to pick up enough +9. You can also get the Sun Straight Sword by the way

Hunting dragons will definitely not be able to fight them now, and once they have been fights, it is useless to prevent the large library from entering. So go to the Demon King’s Courtyard

The first stage of the Demon King is without difficulty, and the second stage uses justice.

Gudak uses justice for impeachment.

Came to the turkey farm in the world and found the spiral sword fragments. Take the bird’s nest and exchange it for the disc.

In this way, you can have a +10 weapon before entering the road of living sacrifice.

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