Dark Souls 2 crown of the sunken king game item code cheats

Dark Souls 2 crown of the sunken king game item code cheats

Dark Souls 2 crown of the sunken king game item code cheats:
Dragon Blood Sword-001E5D70
Cong Yun-00559A10 [Black]
Angry Axe-00336C10
Stone sword of mutual attraction-001312D0
Wall Hammer Spear-002A1D40
Joa’s Gun-002B9058
Holy Wall Crossbow-00474230
Sacred Wall Crossbow-00476940
Sacred Wall Shield-00AA22B0
Dragon Blood Pouch-01499764
Dragon Blood Armor-01499765
Dragon Blood Armguards-01499766
Dragon Blood Leg Armor-01499767
Abyssal Crown-014A5AB4
flower skirt-014AF6F7
Guardian Knight Pocket-0196A5F4
Guardian Knight Armor-0196A5F5
Guardian Knight’s Armguards-0196A5F6
Guardian Knight’s Legguards-0196A5F7
Sacred Wall Soldier Gauntlets-0196CD06
Sacred Wall Miko’s Crown-01976944
Dark Sword-020B6060
The Inevitable Footprint of Peace-021AA2A0
Binding Soul Block-01DDC0B0
PS: [+3 The flint ring seems to be adjusted directly, there will be a bug that can’t be picked up and other random]
Fire spar ring + 3-02636B73
Thunder Crystal Ring + 3-02639283
Dark spar ring + 3-0263B993
poison bite ring +1-0263E0A1
Blood Bite Ring +1-026407B1
Thunder Monster Hand Ring-02725F90
Flynn Ring-027322E0
Joa Ring-02739810
ancient tree sesame oil-03971CF8
Vine sesame oil-039720E0
black grass sesame oil-039724C8
Huangguo Oil-039728B0
Light bug-03972C98

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