Dark Messiah Of Might And Magic Game Cheats

How to get items directly
Enter the option from the main menu of the game, check the Enable Developer Console (~) message window in the Advanced at the bottom of the keyboard settings, and confirm; then press the key “~” to the left of the number key 1 in the game You can use the console to enter commands.
Usage \”give code\” and press Enter to confirm (note that a space should be added after give!);
For example, “give weapon_arx_silver_sword” can get the artifact “Dragon Bone Sword”.
Item code name Corresponding file name Parameter
weapon_arxcrossbowrope special weapon: rope bow bow_ropearrow.qct
weapon_arx_silver_sword Artifact: Dragon Bone Sword sword_silver.qct
weapon_mm_daggers_of_ashes Artifact: Dragonbone Dagger daggers_ash.qct
weapon_mm_staff_holy Artifact: Dragon Bone Staff staff_holy.qct
weapon_mm_bow_holy Artifact: Dragon Bone Bow bow_holy.qct
weapon_arx_sword_of_fire flame sword sword_of_fire.qct
weapon_sword_souldrinker soul-drinking sword sword_souldrinker.qct
weapon_mm_bow_explosive fireball bow bow_explosive.qct
weapon_mm_bow_freeze bow_freeze.qct
weapon_mm_bow_poison Poison Bow bow_poison.qct
weapon_mm_daggers_light Bow of Light daggers_light.qct
weapon_mm_daggers_shadow daggers_shadow.qct
weapon_arxringdexterity ring of dexterity ring_dexterity.qct
weapon_arxringmana Ring of Magic ring_mana.qct
weapon_arxringprotectfire Ring of Fire ring_protectfire.qct
weapon_arxringregeneration Ring of Recovery ring_regeneration.qct
weapon_arxringsecondchance Ring of Rebirth ring_secondchance.qct
weapon_arxringstrength Ring of Strength ring_strength.qct

Note: If the artifact is restricted, it can be used at the beginning. Open the QCT file of the artifact, change the “0” in the line of \”holy\” to “1” and save it.

Cheat 2 The ultimate method for modifying the attributes of items and characters (super!!)
Use the Notepad program to force open the file. The file type name that can be modified can only be .qct. For example, daggers_ash.qct is the attribute file of the artifact dragon bone dagger, and player_basic.qct is the attribute file of the role played by the player in the game.
These files are under Dark Messiah of Might and Magic\\Dark Messiah of Might and Magic\\mm\\models.
All the items are placed under the folder items in the path, and the character attribute files are placed under the folder npc in the path.
1. Modification of player character attributes. There is a player folder under the folder npc, and then find a file called player_basic.qct (about 218KB in size), use the notepad program to force open it (the icon will change to notepad type afterwards), the front We don’t care about the text, it mainly describes attacks and actions. We directly use the scroll to pull it to the end. The column displayed:

\”player_strength_0\” \”0\”
\”player_strength_1\” \”0\”
\”player_strength_2\” \”2\”
\”player_strength_3\” \”3\”
\”player_strength_4\” \”6\”

\”player_intelligence_0\” \”0\”
\”player_intelligence_1\” \”2\”
\”player_intelligence_2\” \”4\”
\”player_intelligence_3\” \”7\”
\”player_intelligence_4\” \”10\” //ONLY FOR E3 real is 10

\”player_constitution_0\” \”0\”
\”player_constitution_1\” \”5\” //5
\”player_constitution_2\” \”6\” //6
\”player_constitution_3\” \”7\” //7
\”player_constitution_4\” \”8\” //10

\”player_dexterity_0\” \”0\”
\”player_dexterity_1\” \”1\”
\”player_dexterity_2\” \”3\”
\”player_dexterity_3\” \”6\”
\”player_dexterity_4\” \”10\”
\”player_bow_reload\” \”50\”

These are the vital attributes of the protagonist: “_0” represents the value when the protagonist died (? Maybe), _1, _2, _3, and _4 respectively represent the first level, second level, and first level when the protagonist is not upgraded. Three-level value. Among them, strength directly affects the lethality, intelligence directly determines the magic value, constitution is the health value (no Health is really depressing!), dexterity affects the hit rate, double the kill rate, etc. The value in the quotes is the value of each attribute Magnification,
For example, if the value “2” of \”player_intelligence_1\” is changed to “200”, its magic value is actually 2000; and if the value of \”player_constitution_1\” is changed to “200”, the health value is 2000; other modifications depend on And so on.

2. Modify the special weapon rope bow weapon_arxcrossbowrope
Open the bow_ropearrow.qct file under the directory items\\weapons\\ bow_ropearrow and modify the information in the following paragraphs:
\”WDmg\” \”1\”
\”rangeattack\” \”80\”
\”WCritHit\” \”0\”
\”WPiercing\” \”0.3\”
\”health\” \”150\”
\”damageothercoeff\” \”1\”
\”impactothercoeff\” \”100\”
\”crushcoeff\” \”1\”
\”halo_scale\” \”5\”
\”magic_halo\” \”255 255 0 128\”
Among them, \”WDmg\” describes the kill value. Changing “1” to “100” will increase the kill rate to 100 times. Under this information, any monsters that are not set by “Undead” in the game will be killed with one arrow. .
Remember that the arrows of a rope bow are endless.
As for modifying the ring, armor, etc., you only need to open the corresponding *.qct file and modify the corresponding key value.
Of course, if you want to experience the thrill of the game, it is best not to modify it.

Cheat 3 uses the HF2 engine, so the console commands used in HF2 are generally valid
Press the “~” key to enter the console during the game,
sv_gravity 0 (space weightlessness mode); cl_showfps 1 (display frame rate)

Enter sv_cheats 1 and press Enter to open the cheating mode, such as God (invincible mode); NOCLIP (through-wall mode, which is random flight mode)

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