Daikatana game cheats

Daikatana game cheats

Daikatana game cheats

Start using the command line

+set console 1

Start the game. Then press ~ in the game to open the console and enter

cheats 1

Turn on the cheats mode, press ~ in the game to enter the following cheats, and press Enter to confirm to get the corresponding effect:

cheats 1⇒Enable cheats mode
cheats 0⇒Exit all cheats effects
weapon_give_<1-10>⇒1-10 correspond to different weapons
god⇒Invincible mode
boost all⇒Add attributes
health #⇒Add blood
g_unlimited_ammo 1⇒Unlimited ammo
notarget⇒Invisible mode
massacre⇒Kill all enemies
noclip⇒through wall mode
boost power⇒Increase energy
boost attack⇒Increase attack
boost speed⇒Increase speed
boost acro⇒Increase acro
boost vitality⇒Increase vitality
timescale [#]⇒Change game speed, default is 1.0
map # or changelevel #⇒Select level (# is the name of the level)
sv_aiwander 1⇒Super AI (computer becomes smarter)
gl_ztrick 1⇒Perspective mode
weapon_give_gashands⇒Get “The Ultimate Gashands” weapon
Jump off

Use with “changelevel” or “map” in Japanese.

E2M1C⇒Lemnos Isle 3
E2M1A⇒Lemnos Isle 1
E2M1B⇒Lemnos Isle 2
E1M6B⇒Icelab 2
E1M6C⇒Icelab 3
E1M7A⇒Vault 1
E1M7B⇒Vault 2
E1M5A⇒Processing 1
E1M5B⇒Processing 2
E1M6A⇒Icelab 1
E1M4A⇒Crematorium 1
E1M4B⇒Crematorium 2
E1M4C⇒Crematorium 3
E1M2B⇒Sewer System 2
E1M3A⇒Solitary 1
E1M3B⇒Solitary 2
E1M1B⇒Marsch 2
E1M1C⇒Marsch 3
E1M2A⇒Sewer System 1
E1M1A⇒Marsch 1
E2M2A⇒Catacomb 1
E2M2B⇒Catacomb 2
E2M2C⇒Catacomb 3
E2M3A⇒Athens 1
E2M3B⇒Athens 2
E2M3C⇒Athens 3
E2M4A⇒Acropolis 1
E2M4B⇒Acropolis 2
E2M4C⇒Acropolis 3
E2M4D⇒Acropolis 4
E2M4E⇒Acropolis 5
E2M5A⇒Lair of Medusa 1
E2M5B⇒Lair of Medusa 2
E2M5C⇒Lair of Medusa 3
E2M5D⇒Lair of Medusa 4
E2M5E⇒Lair of Medusa 5
E3M1A⇒Plague Village 1
E3M1B⇒Plague Village 2
E3M1C⇒Plague Village 3
E3M2A⇒Passage 1
E3M3A⇒Dungeon 1
E3M3B⇒Dungeon 2
E3M3C⇒Dungeon 3
E3M4A⇒Wyndrax Tower 1
E3M4B⇒Wyndrax Tower 2
E3M5A⇒Crypt of Nharre 1
E3M6A⇒Gharroth’s Throne 1
E4M1A⇒Alcatraz 1
E4M1B⇒Alcatraz 2
E4M1C⇒Alcatraz 3
E4M2A⇒Beneath the Rock 1
E4M2B⇒Beneath the Rock 2
E4M3A⇒Tower of Crime 1
E4M3B⇒Tower of Crime 2
E4M3C⇒Tower of Crime 3
E4M4A⇒Mishima Labs 1
E4M4B⇒Mishima Labs 2
E4M4C⇒Mishima Labs 3
E4M5A⇒Mishima’s Hideout 1
E4M6A⇒S.E.A.L. Training Center 1
E4M6B⇒S.E.A.L. Training Center 2

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