Cube World game bug collection

Cube World game bug collection

Cube World game BUG collection:
Most of the game bugs are related to professions, mainly:
1. Infinite blue: hold down the O key, switch the mouse to the game window and then switch back
2. Rogue flying bug: Press skill 2 and then press skill 1. If you want to land, just look down.
3. Ranger gliding acceleration: use skill 2 when gliding
4. Machine gun crossbow: Right click madly after the crossbow is equipped
5. Equipped with both the sword and the dagger at the same time: first install the sword, and then slide the mouse wheel against the dagger

Experience Sharing:
1. Don’t provoke orange and red monsters in the early stage, and avoid the wizard
2. Playing boss, there are many equipment levels. I won’t tell you that the troll damage has 1000+.
3. The following scenarios cannot be rolled: jumping, standing
4. Jump down from a high place, hold down shift to reduce or eliminate damage
5. Continuous rolling will cause lag
6. High-level equipment becomes low-level equipment without spending money.

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