Crusader Kings III modify the game NPC characteristics method

Crusader Kings III modify the game NPC characteristics method

First open the console:

Don’t know how to open the game console click here

When you need to modify the role of the non-protagonist, after opening the console, move the mouse to the corresponding role and you can see that there is a number ID, which is usually 5 digits. Note that it is not a historical ID

This ID needs to be added when entering commands when modifying non-protagonists

Ability value
1. The protagonist’s military is 5, and the console directly enters change_martial 15, and the protagonist’s military increases by 15 to 20

2. Enter the change_martial 15 role ID number in the console, then the ID number corresponds to the role military increase by 15

When modifying the subordinates, directly F4 to open the cabinet, then press the ~ key, copy the command, space, and add the id of the cabinet minister you want to modify.

If there is no number, it will always default to the command object as the protagonist

Console code Effect
change_diplomacy Increase the value to the character’s diplomatic attribute
change_martial Increase the value to the character’s military attributes
change_stewardship Increase the value to the management attribute of the character
change_intrigue Increase the value to the character’s strategy attribute
change_learning Increase the value to the character’s knowledge attribute
change_prowess Increase the value to the character’s bravery attribute


Console code Effect
add_trait education_intrigue_4 Elusive shadow
add_trait education_diplomacy_4 Behind the scenes
add_trait education_stewardship_4 Turn the stone into gold
add_trait education_martial_4 Genius military
add_trait education_learning_4 Philosopher
add_trait pure_blooded Pure blood
add_trait fecund Prolific
add_trait strong strong
add_trait shrewd shrewd
add_trait beauty_good_3 All over the country
add_trait intellect_good_3 genius
add_trait physique_good_3 Hercules

Correspondingly, if there is no number, the added object is the main character. If you want to add other objects, just add the number after the command.

The command to remove specific traits is similar to the above, just change add to remove.

Example: Remove strong is remove_trait strong (number)

Another: clear_traits (number) This command roughly removes all traits, good or bad.

There are miraculous effects when you don’t know some bad idiosyncratic codes. First wash it into a whiteboard, and then add them one by one.

Final tip: Please make good use of the tab key to complete commands for console commands

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