Crusader Kings III full-featured game code modification method


Crusader Kings III full featured game code modification method

Code location and usage

The file address is as follows: Crusader Kings III\game\gfx\interface\icons\traits

The files are in .dds format and can be opened with related editors

The following is used in conjunction with the console command “add_trait”

Example: add_trait intellect_good_3 to gain genius traits

After entering the command, enter the “Character ID” and add the following trait names to add traits to others.

In addition, with the command “clear_traits”, the characteristics of all operating characters can be cleared to create a perfect personality

Detailed code

brave (easy to fight to death)

savior savior


gregarious temperance


flexible_leader flexible leader

blademaster_3 Blademaster 3 stars

education_martial_prowess_4 The strongest warrior

hunter_3 Hunter 3 stars

physique_good_3 Hercules (the best physical fitness)

aggressive_attacker kills soldiers 25%

unyielding_defender 25% injury free

charming (only available for women)

devoted monk (monk who is indifferent to fame and fortune)

education_diplomacy_4 The highest diplomatic education

education_intrigue_4 The highest strategy education

education_learning_4 The highest academic education

education_martial_4 The highest military education

education_stewardship_4 The highest management education

intellect_good_3 genius


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