Crusader Kings III Common Game Cheat Code


Often used as a cheat code:

Quick Imprison

Make hate me

Make love me

Take Title and Vassals

Add to court

Give Secrets to court

Set up Secrets in entire Realm

Add Weak Hook

Add Strong Hook

Add Character Weight

Remove Character Weight

Make like me

Make dislike me

Make Lover

Make Rival

Make Friend

Learn Secrets

Expose known Secrets

Take Title

Get Claim

Launch natural Crusade

Start Great Holy War

Other cheat codes:

tutorial.enable [gamestate/global/all (default: global)] – Enable the tutorial

tutorial.disable [gamestate/global/all (default: global)] – Disable the tutorial

tutorial.debugwindow – Shows the tutorial debug window

event [eventid] [character] – Trigger an event for a character

debug_event [eventid] [character] – Trigger an event for a character. It will also print the event trigger, which can however cause some false positive error logs.

test_event [eventid] [character] – Evaluate if an event can be triggered for a character. It will also print the event trigger to the console, which can however cause some false positive error logs.

discover_innovation(add_innovation) – Discover an innovation for a character’s culture

discover_fascination(add_fascination) [character (optional)] – Discover the innovation that is the current fascination for a character’s culture

join_era(unlock_era) [era] [character (optional)] – Join a certain era (and all previous ones)

discover_era [era (optional, default is current era)] [character (optional)] – Discover all innovations of a certain era (and the era itself)

discover_all_eras [character (optional)] – Discover all eras and all innovations

set_faith [faith] [character (optional)] – Sets the faith of a character

dynasty_prestige [amount (optional, default: 1000)] [dynasty ID (optional, default: player dynasty)] – Adds prestige to the given dynasty

gain_all_dynasty_perks [character (optional)] – Gives a dynasty (currently played character’s dynasty by default) all perks

log_missing_game_concept_loc – Logs all game concepts that have not had their loc key defined

kill(die) [character (optional)] – Kill a character (currently played character by default)

gain_all_perks [character (optional)] – Gives a character (currently played character by default) all perks

add_perk [perk] [character(optional)[- Gives a character (currently played character by default) a specific perk

instant_birth – Toggles if children should be born instantly or as normal

AI.declare_war [character(optional)] – Causes the AI to declare a war (according to normal weighting), bypassing all pacing checks and the like

generate_cadet_coa [character (optional)] – Generate a CoA for this character as if they were a cadet of their dynasty

add_doctrine [doctrine] [faith(optional)] – Adds a given doctrine to a faith

remove_doctrine [doctrine] [faith(optional)] – Removes a given doctrine from a faith

add_realm_law [law] [character(optional)] – Adds a realm law

add_realm_law_skip_effects [law] [character(optional)] – Adds a realm law, skips the cost and the pass effect, and the revoke effects of the current law

set_culture [culture] [character(optional)] – Sets the culture of a character

change_fervor [amount(optional)] [faith(optional)] – Changes the fervor of a faith

add_secret [type] [target(optional)] [character(optional)] – Gives a character (currently played character by default) a specific secret

change_development_level [amount] [province_id(optional)] – Changes the development level of a county, defaults to capital

faction_spawn [faction_type] – Spawns a faction of the specified type

faction_discontent [faction_type] [discontent_value]- Sets discontent of the first faction of the specified type

faction_demand [faction_type] – The first faction of the specified type sends its demand

dump_pool_stats – Dump statistics about the pool to ‘logs/pool_stats.csv’

dump_character_creation_stats – Dump statistics about the pool to ‘logs/character_creation_stats.csv’

fast_tick – Faster ticking (lower frame rate)

instamove(quickmove) – units move one province each day

supress_messages – Toggle if all messages (toasts/notifications) should be suppressed

force_save_compression – Toggle if saves should be compressed

dump_bookmark_portraits – Writes portrait data for all bookmark characters at current date

print_ai_timings – Prints profiling data about ai

Portrait.ClearCache – Clears the portrait cache. Forces all portraits to refresh

portrait_editor(pe) – Open the portrait editor

spawnentity [entity name] [state (optional)]- Spawns specified entity at cursor position

clearspawnedentities – Clears entities spawned with spawnentity command

MapObjects.GenerateGameLocators [type] ]filename (optional)] – Generates locators for the game’s map objects

MapObjects.Debug – Prints out map object debug information

Camera.Debug – Prints out camera debug information

Camera.Save – Save camera position

Camera.Load – Load camera position

Map.SavePNG [map mode] [file name] [yes/no Should render flat (optional)] – Save a png of the map with a specific color mode

Adjacencies.Rebuild – Rebuild all adjacencies

spawnline [line name] [start position ‘x,y,z’ (no spaces)] [end position x,y,z (no spaces)]> – Spawns specified line between 2 positions

clearlines – Clear lines

SplineNetwork.GenerateAssets – Undefined

shader_debug – Undefined

compoundnodeeditor – Compound Node Editor

particleeditor – Particle Node Editor

script_docs(script_documentation) – Prints script documentation

settings – Spawns a settings GUI

screenshot – Take screenshot

tweak – Spawns a tweaker GUI

textureviewer – Texture Viewer

texturelist – Texture List

tools.skins – Skin Editor

3dstats – Toggles 3D Stats

audio.list_events – List audio event

audio.play_event [Audio event] – Play audio event

audio.cpu_info – Shows current cpu usage

vsync – Toggle main swapchains vsync

gfx.reloadtexture – Reload textures

rendertype – Reports what render backend is used

Threading.TaskThreadCount [The number of task threads] – Set or get the number of task threads

CrashReporter.SimulateCrash – Simulates a crash (resulting in the game exiting).

CrashReporter.DeleteCrashData – Delete local crash dumps older than X days. – Select active gfx skin

Dockables.Create [Dockable name] – Create dockable

Dockables.CreateLayout [Dockable layout name] – Create dockable layout

gui_editor – Spawns gui editor

DumpDataTypes – Dumps the registered data types

map_editor – Toggle map editor

Music.StopTrack – Stops the currently playing track

Music.Weight – Shows or sets the current weight of the music system

Music.PlayTrack [track name] – Plays the specified track

Music.Reset – Resets the music system

Debug.Achievements.ResetAll – Locks all achievements again

explorer – Shows an object explorer window

add_lifestyle_xp_all [amount(optional)] [character(optional)] – Adds xp all lifestyle

add_diplomacy_lifestyle_xp [amount(optional)] [character(optional)] – Adds xp to the given lifestyle

add_martial_lifestyle_xp [amount(optional)] [character(optional)] – Adds xp to the given lifestyle

add_stewardship_lifestyle_xp [amount(optional)] [character(optional)] – Adds xp to the given lifestyle

add_intrigue_lifestyle_xp [amount(optional)] [character(optional)] – Adds xp to the given lifestyle

add_learning_lifestyle_xp [amount(optional)[ [character(optional)] – Adds xp to the given lifestyle

switchlanguage [language name] – Reload localization files and switch language

reload [file name] – Reloads assets

time – What time is it?

minidump [file path] – Creates a minidump

crash – Cause the application to crash

debug_mode – Toggles debug mode

release_mode – Toggles release mode

GUI.CreateWidget(gui_test,test_gui) [File name] [Widget name] – Create dummy widget. With 0 arguments the file name will be gui/debug/test_gui.gui, and the widget name will be test_window

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