Crea game cheats

Crea game cheats

Crea game cheats

Activate DEBUG mode:
Find the settings file in the root directory of the game, open it and change the value of developer_mode to True, save and re-enter the game.
Game cheats:
In DEBUG mode, enter in the chat window:
/help <command>⇒
No parameters: display a list of all commands

With parameters: display the help information of the specified command

/spawn Number of props or mobs Level⇒Summon/make props or mobs to the cursor position.
1. The level attribute is only applicable to mob 2. The props and mob are all lowercase.
3. If there is a space in the name of the item or mob, please replace it with an underscore.
4. For example:
/spawn oil_clot 20
/spawn lumber 50
/spawn broadsword
/aerlike⇒Invincible mode
(And get +30,000 XP and +30,000 TP,
HP SP 999 attributes, 100000 breath, etc.)
/level #⇒Set the character level to #
/buffMe⇒+30,000 XP and +30,000 TP
/respawn⇒Respawn immediately next to the crystal
/iknoweverything⇒Learn all special formulas
/warp x, y⇒Send the player to the specified coordinates x,y
/lore⇒get all book pages
/time <hour>⇒Set the game time to the specified hour
/privilege <player>⇒Display the next level of the target player
/promote <player>⇒Promote the player one level
/demote <player>⇒Player demote one level
Key combination:
In DEBUG mode, press the following keys:
Press [F3]⇒switch to display the Debug image rectangle boundary.
Press [F4]⇒Switch to display brightness in game
Press [F5]⇒Summon random dungeon crystals nearby.

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