Counter-Strike Global Offensive game cheats

Counter Strike Global Offensive game cheats

Counter-Strike Global Offensive game cheats

First open the developer console

Activate cheats mode

In the game, press ~ to start the console, and enter sv_cheats 1 to start the cheats mode (input by the host is required).

Game cheats

Then press ~ in the game and enter the following cheats to get the corresponding effect:

impulse 101 ⇒ money ammunition weapon
noclip⇒through wall mode
notarget⇒Invisible mode
fly⇒flight mode
god⇒Invincible mode
fps_max 100⇒Limit the maximum FPS to 100 to reduce the burden on the computer
Can only be used in the main menu after exiting the server
mp_restartgame 1 ⇒ refresh the game in 1 second
mp_autoteambalance 0/1 ⇒ Whether to turn on automatic balance
mp_maxmoney 16000 ⇒ maximum money 16000
mp_startmoney 16000 ⇒ birth money 16000
mp_freezetime 7⇒The map freeze time is 7 seconds
mp_limitteams 2⇒The maximum difference between the two parties is 2
maxplayers 10⇒Set the maximum number of players on the map
bot_add⇒Add a random NPC
bot_add_ct⇒Add a CT
bot_add_t⇒Add a T
bot_kill⇒Kill all NPCs
bot_kick⇒Kick all NPCs
bot_freeze 0/1⇒Freeze the computer
(1 is open, 0 is closed)
sv_alltalk 0/1⇒Turn off open mic
sensitivity 1⇒Mouse sensitivity
exit/quit⇒Exit the game
Cheats binding shortcut key method: such as bind v “noclip” press V for wall-through mode

Item related

After opening the cheats mode, press ~ to enter the following cheats to get the corresponding effect:

give weapon_ak47 ⇒ get AK47
give weapon_deagle⇒Desert Eagle
give weapon_aug⇒Army rifle
give weapon_scout⇒Check rifle
give weapon_awp ⇒ heavy sniper
give weapon_galil⇒Assault rifle
give weapon_famas⇒Assault automatic rifle
give weapon_M60⇒Light machine gun
give weapon_m249⇒Class machine gun
give weapon_laws⇒Bazooka
give Chicken⇒Chicken
Cheats binding shortcut key method: such as bind X “give weapon_ak47” press X to get AK47

Weapon related designation

Note: The following commands can only be used after opening the cheat mode (sv_cheats 1) in the console. After opening the cheat mode, you will not be able to get achievements until you turn off the cheating mode (sv_cheats 0)

The command format for brushing weapons is give xxx, for example, give weapon_awp will brush AWP. The following list will list the xxx of each weapon

P.S.: There are still some weapons that have not been successfully spawned

Blue represents firearms exclusive to anti-terrorists

Red represents guns exclusively for terrorists

White means both are common

(Exclusive firearms does not mean that the other party’s related firearms cannot be brushed out, this is only for the convenience of viewing)

Weapon name-pistol ⇒xxx
Glock 18⇒weapon_glock
Dessert Eagle⇒weapon_deagle
Dual Berettas⇒weapon_elite
Weapon name-submachine gun ⇒xxx
Weapon name-rifle ⇒xxx
M4A4⇒weapon_m4a1 (It is estimated that the official version will change)
Galil AR⇒weapon_galilar
SG 553⇒weapon_sg556 (The name is SG 553 but you need to enter sg556…)
SSG 08⇒weapon_ssg08
Weapon name-heavy firearms⇒xxx
Sawed-Off Shotgun⇒weapon_sawedoff
IMI Negev⇒weapon_negev
Weapon name-equipment category⇒xxx
HE Grenade High Explosive Grenade⇒weapon_hegrenade
Flashbang ⇒weapon_flashbang
Smoke Grenade⇒weapon_smokegrenade
Decoy Grenade Sound Blast ⇒ weapon_decoy
Zeus X27 stun gun⇒weapon_taser
Molotov ⇒weapon_molotov
Incendiary Grenade Incendiary ⇒-Unsuccessful spawning-

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