Counter-Strike CSO NST Game Cheats

Counter Strike CSO NST Game Cheats

Counter-Strike CSO NST Game Cheats

In the game, press ~ and enter the following cheats to get the corresponding effect:
nst_zb3_bot_uclip 1⇒
Is BOT unlimited ammunition
(0: limited-1: unlimited magazine ammunition-2: unlimited reserve ammunition.
The game is limited by default)

nst_zb3_level_recoil 0⇒Clear morale level?
(0: Off-1: Empty morale. The game is off by default.)
nst_zb3_level_damage 0⇒Increase morale when dealing 1000 damage
(0: Off-1: On. The game is on by default.) All modes
nst_set_buyzone 1⇒Weapons can be purchased in all locations
(Buy the whole picture)
nst_wpn_free 1⇒Purchase NST weapon gun for free
(Weapons such as AK/M4 are not NST weapons.
nst weapons specifically refer to weapons purchased with the] key)
nst_show_damage_fire 1⇒Display the attack damage per shot
nst_player_random_model 1⇒After each round, the robot model will be changed randomly
Modify the gun attack power and other procedures

Use UE to open nst_wpn.ini of CSO-NSTcstrikeaddonsamxmodxconfigs. Or open my computer, click on the search button-search for files, type “nst_wpn.ini”, the search scope is on the hard disk where you put the “CSO-NST” file, after you find it: you will see densely packed words, below Just modify, remember these English code names, etc.:

[Damage] is the damage multiple, the larger the value, the higher the damage.

[Speed] is the speed of the bullet, the smaller the value, the faster the bullet (just don’t adjust it to 0, otherwise it won’t…..It is recommended to adjust it to 0.1–.)

[Clip] is the number of bullets that the gun carries (it can also be understood as the capacity of the gun’s bullets). For example, you can adjust him/her to 100 rounds for demonizing, then just hit it directly, without changing the bullets… .. Because there are too many.

[Ammo] is the number of spare bullets, you should know this.

[Recoil] is the recoil of the gun, the smaller the value, the smaller the recoil

[Knockback] refers to how much the enemy retreats after being hit. If it is adjusted to 9999, then the zombies are not killed when hitting biochemicals, they are killed. …….

[Cost] This is the price of the gun. If adjusted to 1, the weapon is a free gift…

[Gravity] is the movement speed, of course, the upper limit of human beings is 250, you can adjust all the weapons to 250, (the gravity of the terminator is adjusted to 250, which is faster than the knife)

After modification, save in UTF-8 (no BOM) format.

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