Cossacks 3 game cheats


Press Ctrl+Enter-to open Chat/console dialog.

Type cheat and press enter again.
Cheats list Cheats list:


Cheat code: showallmissions

Makes all missions available.

open all tasks


Add resource format: res %resource% %amount% (res resource name needs to be added)

Available resource names: food wood stone gold iron coal all

Available resource names (code): food (food), wood (wood), stone (stone), gold (gold), coal (coal), all (all resources)


Res food 100000 (get 100000 food)
Res all 20000000 (will set all resource) (will set all resources)


Cheat code: freecamera
free perspective

Remove limit on camera height. you can change camera angle by holding Ctrl+middlebutton (scroller) and moving mouse
Ctrl+PageUp/Ctrl+PageDown to change camera angle of view
Home key will return camera angle of view to default

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