Cool Spot game cheats

Cool Spot game cheats

Cool Spot game cheats

1. Secret Skills

When the game is in progress, press the following keys to get the corresponding secret skills:

M⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Can fly around in the screen without being restricted by terrain, will not be injured, but can not fire cannons
(Press “M” again to restore).
+⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒ jump off;
0⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Recover physical strength to full;
5⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Replay and change the difficulty (switch between easy, normal and difficult levels);
[F4]⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒turn physical strength into a dying state;
[F6]⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Increase the percentage of Cool;
[F10]⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒Reduce the time to 10 seconds.
2. Selection

Hold down the [End] key to pause the screen, then

Press any letter from A to Q again to select the level (where A is the first level, K is the last level, and L to Q are bonus points).

Press any key from F1 to F9 to select off.

3. Undead modification

Modify the file ZX.EXE, look for 8A 3E 0A 00, change it to 8A 3E FF FF, look for AA 3E 01 00, change 01 to FF.

After modification, press F4 to increase the blood to 255 cells, and press F10 to increase the time to 24 hours.


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