Conquest Frontier Wars game cheats

Conquest Frontier Wars game cheats

Conquest Frontier Wars game cheats:

Turn on cheats mode

First press [Enter] and input Give the sushi to Sean (note the case) to turn on the cheats mode. If the input is correct, there will be a confirmation message.


game cheats

Then press [Enter] to input the following cheats to get the corresponding effect:

Cheats Effect
Your chicks for free Free construction on/off
I can see clearly now Map full open
The Ultimate Doom suicide
The Master Builders Fast construction on/off
The courage of the fearless crew Increase employees
Do you smell something? gas
I want a raise mine
Some Great Reward Full of resources
If they could see me now Remove the fog of war
I’ll rip out your optics Start the fog of war
spacebridge Open the level
A winner is you! Win the current level
I am evil Homer Level failed

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