Company of Heroes 2 game cheats

Download cheating CCM (please search by yourself)
1. Put the decompressed folder ccm into the game root directory, namely the Company of Heroes 2 folder
2. After entering the game, press Ctr + Shift + character ~ to open the console (if there are 3 question marks, ie???, you can use the character? To replace the character ~, ie press Ctr+Shft+?)

3. Type or copy and paste the following command: dofile(“ccm/ccm.scar”) and press Enter, and then press the same shortcut key to close the console.

Now that the cheating module is successfully activated, you can use the following shortcut keys to achieve the corresponding effect:

Control + Shift + F1: This help page

Control + Shift + F2: Squad Spawning Hotkeys Open the list of spawnable troops

Control + Shift + F3: Entity Spawning Hotkeys Open the list of spawnable buildings

Control + F1: Toggle Fog of War On/Off

Control + F2: Toggle TaskBar Visibility On/Off whether the switching interface is visible

Control + F3: Infinite Resources

Control + F4: Toggle Instant Production On/off Turn on/off the immediate production unit

Control + F5: Toggle Instant Ability Recharge On/Off

Control + F6: Toggle Instant Construction On/Off

Control + F7: Toggle Global AI On/Off Turn global AI on/off

Control + F8: Take Over Selected Player takes over the selected unit camp

Control + F12: Clear screen from prompt messages

Control + Insert: Toggle Selected squad / entity owner switch the owner of the selected troop/building

Control + Space: Toggle Selected Race for spawning (Soviet/German) Switch the camps that can be spawned (Soviet and Germany) That is: you can spawn units from other camps for the selected camp

Control + Shift + Space: Toggle Help Page Toggle Help Page

Control + Delete: Delete selected squads / entities (buildings/constructions)

Shift + Delete: Kill selected squads / entities (buildings/constructions)

Control + Alt + 1: Toggle Spawn table between Pre-defined and Raw Toggle the level 1 page and level 2 page of the refresh list

Control + Shift + A: Abandon selected vehicle Abandon the selected vehicle (it looks like you can grab a computer vehicle)

Control + [0-9, a-z]: Spawn squads of selected army Spawn squads of selected army

Control + NumPad0: Game Speed ​​* 0.125 Game Speed ​​* 0.125 times

Control + NumPad1: Game Speed ​​* 0.25 Game Speed ​​* 0.25 times

Control + NumPad2: Game Speed ​​* 0.5 Game Speed ​​* 0.5 times

Control + Numpad3: Game Speed ​​* 0.75 Game Speed ​​* 0.75 times

Control + NumPad4: Game Speed ​​* 1 Game Speed ​​* 1 times

Control + NumPad5: Game Speed ​​* 1.25 Game Speed ​​* 1.25 times

Control + NumPad6: Game Speed ​​* 1.5 Game Speed ​​* 1.5 times

Control + NumPad7: Game Speed ​​* 2 Game Speed ​​* 2 times

Control + NumPad8: Game Speed ​​* 4 Game Speed ​​* 4 times

Control + NumPad8: Game Speed ​​* 8 Game Speed ​​* 8 times

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